AusGamers - Red Faction: Armageddon Preview


The hallmark of a good franchise exists within its ability to transcend genres. Not many games do this because it's either deemed too risky, or the game itself doesn't necessarily lend itself to any sort of gameplay metamorphoses. But those that do make the leap, usually end up faring for the better.

A few names spring to mind - Super Mario (Mario 64 is the obvious example here), Metroid (the Prime series is a pinnacle of transcendence) and Resident Evil (Resi 4 changed the face of the series forever) have all made successful transitions to new gameplay stomping grounds, and now amidst that, and one of the originals in the first place, Red Faction, is once again set to redefine itself with a more focused gameplay direction, a different set of player tools, an entirley new setting with new enemies and all infectiously tied together with that single destructive bind that has set this series apart from so many others since inception - GeoMod.

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