NBA Jam's new Remix Tour adds Street Fighter-like battles to gameplay

The Kartel:

"At least that’s what was told to us at EA’s Studio Showcase event yesterday. The game continues to impress with creative levels that involves everyone’s favorite NBA Jam staple, breaking the backboard and the newly unveiled boss battles. But the game’s new career mode, Remix Tour, takes the cake and I love cake."

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Playerz83104d ago

When they announce NBA Jam for PSN and Live I will care. Right now, I could care less about the waggle.

Seferoth753104d ago

Couldnt care less about waggle but waiting for the game on the new waggle consoles? Ironic really.

As a NBA jam fan I just want a great game, not going to let some childish dribble about what console its on stopping me from enjoying.
I guess that is the main difference in core gamers and casual gamers. Casuals have to wait til its on their only console. Gamers don't

Playerz83104d ago

I will NOT be playing my PS3 with a Move controller. Don't even say stuff like that.

kghapa3104d ago

The article mentions that the game isn't online yet. That could cause a lot of problems for people deciding to get it for the Wii when it's rumored for the other consoles.

Seekerofthewind3104d ago

They have two guys working on it! So much focus on trying to make sure the online works in time, really.