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blusoops3107d ago

Almost seems like Multiplayer will be included in this game!!
Almost 99% sure if this article is trust worthy.

Joule3107d ago

If multiplayer is included this is a must buy.

SpaceFox3107d ago

This game is a must buy either way.

MariaHelFutura3107d ago

MP will be included. Infamous 2 is gonna be the best.

Cevapi883107d ago

did you guys check out the new trailer from shows Deke doing the same things as Cole, jumping around and hanging off anyone??

UnSelf3107d ago

Must Force MP into Every SP = Death of Gaming smh

Rot_in_Fail3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I remember HipHopGamer saying quite some time ago it will have multiplayer and Good vs Bad mode.

Gamerbee3107d ago

40+ hours of gameplay isnt enough for you?
HAKAN voice: seriously???
MP isnt that important.

Spenok3106d ago

This game is a must buy no matter what. Day one for sure.

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SoapShoes3107d ago

In the E3 trailer where it says, "It only does", I slowed it down on my PS3 and one of the things it said was, "It only does: Multiplayer." Now why would they have that on a trailer for a game that isn't going to have multiplayer?

cool cole3107d ago

Even if this game didn't have multiplayer it would still be amazing.

SpaceFox3107d ago

Hey, I did the same thing for the Sly Collection trailer and it also said "It Only Does Multiplayer". Curious eh? Try it out yourself.

Whether that means there's multiplayer, I dont know. Everything else that was listed I knew related to the Sly Collection, except that.

shadow27973106d ago

It also said Family Friendly Games, and I wouldn't exactly call inFamous "family friendly".

They just used their generic "Only Does" scroll. When we start to see actual ads for this game, it'll say things like "Ionic Tornadoes" and "Karma System". Don't put too much stock into this trailer's tag.

LordMarius3107d ago

All I want is unlockable skins >_>

Apotheosize3107d ago

I dont really get it though, multiplayer how? like co-op? or like online with other people? how will it work im just feeling kinda clueless in how theyd implement it

3dawg3107d ago

agreed. idk why a lot of people wants mp on everything. i like single player games specially story driven ones. now add mp to this game just so fanboys can say: take that crackdown 2! doesn't really cut it. excuse me for bringing crackdown 2 up it's out of topic but it seems that that's the only reason they want mp on infamous2 every ones thinking it I'm just saying it. tbh i loved infamous the way it was.

Christopher3107d ago

You can see one of the comic cut scenes here:

TheLastGuardian3106d ago

What would multiplayer even be like. This games not really set up for multiplayer. But with or without it this is still a day one buy for me.

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KILLERAPP3107d ago

Coop in this game would be killer!!!

Jay5203107d ago

head to head with Uncharted 3..

And The Last Guardian.

sikbeta3106d ago

GOTY 2011 contenders already:

The Last Guardian -> it's a Masterpiece no matter what...
Uncharted 3 -> IF ND want to release the game in 2011


Looks more interesting with every detail.

Duke Spookem3107d ago

"Fan feedback influenced inFamous greatly, including people’s opinions of Cole and his voice"

Big part of this being "AND HIS VOICE"

RedPawn3107d ago

NEW slogan

"It only does, FANS that will tie your testicles in a knot with a rubberband, and threaten to cut of your junk, while in the restroom for tampering with the main charcter."

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