Catching Up to the Industry

Alex Cronk-Young writes: As I have mentioned numerous times in my writing, I'm pretty far behind with the video game world. I've followed a very set path through this industry, and it is time for me to venture out and spread my realm of knowledge around a little bit. I need to catch up on the classic franchises I've completely missed out on and play through the landmark titles that I've yet to touch. Feel free to read along as I do. This time, I'll be covering Metroid: Zero Mission, Portal, and Flower.

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ShadowPraxis3013d ago

Better late than never, eh?

Though never having played a Metroid is a bit hard to swallow. ;P

Spenok3012d ago

Agreed, you never played Metroid? Ouch dude, you seriously are in need of catching up. And with how fast this industry moves, unless you devote all your time and energy you will always be behind. Either that or you will just have to overlook all games rated at an 8 or lower.

acronkyoung3007d ago

The Metroid thing was just the one series I somehow always missed. I've played a lot of the Zelda/Mario/other Nintendo franchises, just always seemed to miss out on Metroid.

I was big on PS1 and PS2, but I did have an N64 that I loved to play. I would have probably jumped on a Metroid64 but somehow that never happened.

3012d ago