Five Wii Titles to Get for the Last of 2010

120 Stars:

At E3 this year, Nintendo brought its big guns: revealing a new Kirby title, the home console return of Donkey Kong, and the distraught world of Epic Mickey. While it can be argued for who won E3 2010, does it really matter? Wii is going to be getting a great line-up for the rest of the year, and that's all that comes down to. That is why we present to you the five Wii titles to get for the last of 2010.

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topgun333013d ago

I would replace Guilty Party and Metroid M and put NBA Jam and Goldeneye as must have wii titles

120stars3013d ago

Those are definitely good titles that could have been added to the list - but I really wanted to stick to original titles, and not essentially "remakes" of old titles.

Thanks for visiting the site! :)

Mahr3012d ago

Personally, I probably would have gone with Lost in Shadow over DKC, but it's still a solid list. Nice job.

Jerk1203013d ago

Wii, lol? People still play that?

I mean, I can understand people playing the P-.. nevermind.

Shoko3012d ago

Yes, people still play it. Where have you been, under a rock? Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, No More Heroes 2, Trauma Team, Monster Hunter 3, Red Steel 2, Sin and Punishment 2, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 have all already came out this year. There's plenty of hardcore games to play.

Goldeneye and Conduit 2 should be on this list.

EvilTwin3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Good list...but Other M is not 2D. Watch the gameplay vids; Samus is not restricted to a 2D plane.
It's a mongrel of a game; digital controls and an auto camera scream 2D, but it's not.

I understand leaving GoldEye off, but I'd at least give it an honorable mention.

AWBrawler3012d ago

Why do trolls always come to the Nintendo news?