Peter Molyneux: “Uncharted 2: Wow!”

Will Uncharted 2 praise ever stop? Apparently not.

The PS3 exclusive game’s been out for months now, and the praise, endless amount of it, continues. From Sucker Punch, to Crystal Dynamics, and now, Lionhead boss, Peter Moyneux.

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RememberThe3574694d ago

The praise is all earned. The game is brilliantly executed. Naughty Dog earned their praise and has crafted itself into one of, if not the, top developers in the world.

GWAVE4694d ago

Peter Molyneux: "Uncharted 2. Wow!"

As in "Wow! So THIS is what a video game looks like when you not only deliver on your promises, but you surpass them".

Obviously, it's something he has never personally experienced.

Conloles4694d ago Show
StbI9904694d ago

Conloles...your opinion isn't fcking needed, please STFU, uncharted proved it doesn't need to be an all time high end game to get pros attention, now go back to your cellar and cry not having such a jewel on pc...

PC has no games...

Jerk1204694d ago

Amazing, instead of trashing the fact that he's a troll, you trash the PC instead.

You and Conloles are rather similar, it seems. Might you be related?

Darkstorn4694d ago


I wouldn't be so hard on Molyneux. The original Fable was one of the best games of last gen.

I'm glad he liked Uncharted 2. Maybe he'll take some inspiration from it ;)

badz1494694d ago

STFU! it's clear that you don't even like consoles, why even bother trolling?? bored with not so much news for PC I suppose? I thought PC-only gamers have pride but you, you're just plain PATHETIC!

RageAgainstTheMShine4694d ago (Edited 4694d ago )

At least he is a gamer and not a retard like A. Greenberg

"Milo may just be an artificial boy but it’s a project that garnered quite a bit of interest from E3 2009. However, in what may be one of the most confusing PR moments, mixed messages were sent out from the Microsoft camp as to the fate of Milo.

This may be a classic case of developer vs. PR man, as Aaron Greenberg and Peter Molyneux contradicted each other recently. Greenberg, Product Manager for Microsoft stated that Milo is just a tech demo and will remain as such.

Molyneux, head of Microsoft Game Studios fired back at Greenberg by stating, “Poor Aaron Greenberg – he’s on the PR team, he hasn’t seen it since last year, so he came up with this stock answer that Milo is alive and well and living in Guildford but it’s still a tech demo.”

Molyneux stated that he “felt sorry for him [Greenberg]” because he hasn’t seen the game recently and doesn’t know what’s going on."

It’s all very interesting as both Microsoft employees publicly repudiate each other.

--- courtesy of Gamer Blorge

Like Tsunoda dissing their controller and rumble features.

I sense inner conflict with in M$ Xbox division. Not good.
One of this days I will not be surprised if Peter make games on Sony's camp.

Lols at xbots always calling on the PC or Wii every time they loose an argument between the PS3 and Xbox 3fixme. That is the oldest strategy and most outdated in the book!
Have you no more conventional strategy to use?
Everything about the 3fixme is outdated, beer holders, disk scratching, memory cards, no wi-fi, no internet browser, even Kinect is a 10 year outdated technology. sad sad sad

vsr4693d ago

Too bad that ANY PC Can't run uncharted 2 (even with any emulator)

nveenio4693d ago

I disagreed with your comment: "...uncharted proved it doesn't need to be an all time high end game to get pros attention..."

I only disagreed because you can't buy a game right now that looks better than Uncharted 2. In fact, Uncharted 3 could look exactly like Uncharted 2 (though hopefully with MLAA), and still be one of the (or THE) best looking game on the market.

rockleex4693d ago

Crysis only got praised for its graphics.

While Uncharted 2 got praised for EVERYTHING! The full package!

And guess what? No matter how powerful your PC is, you won't be able to emulate Uncharted 2 till halfway into the next generation. ^_^

But not sure if its even possible to emulate the Cell architect.

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playstation_clan4694d ago (Edited 4694d ago )

it only does WOW

RedPawn4694d ago

No that's P.C.

I'm j/k I just wanted to have fun.


darkmurder4694d ago

Lol last time I checked PS3 doesnt even do games in native 1080P with any antialiasing in 60 FPS. Oh sorry it also doesnt do 3D in 1080P (not even in 720P LOL!). But sure you enjoy the 'plethora' /s of PS3 MMO's that come to your console.

BWS19824694d ago

butthurt much?

DarkMurder: “My butt now: Wow!”

lh_swe4694d ago

Why is it lame? Is it lame because you happen to be a fanboy? Is it lame when a game that isn't on the 360 gets soo much praise?

It's funny how you've come back after so long and not learned a thing.

@darkmurder - How many 360 exclusives pump out the same graphical fidelity at 1080p? I think you so happen to be a pot calling a kettle black.

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Christopher4694d ago

Now it's kind of just feeling like everyone jumping on the bandwagon because others have, though. I mean, the game was out last year... you'd think they would have played and made these sort of comments months ago, not just now and all of a sudden.

Shuklar4694d ago

Considering he develops Fable, a PC/360 exclusive, it's understandable why he's so late to the party.

SOAD4694d ago

Maybe he didn't talk about it until someone asked him. I know Peter talks a lot but it's not right to accuse him of jumping on the bandwagon.

Christopher4693d ago

I know SOAD. That's why I said it feels like it. I'm not saying he didn't love it last year, just with how many more articles are being posted on a weekly basis, it's kind of feeling like everyone is just joining in one the fun that is U2. Not a bad thing, but kind of pushing the limits for something truly newsworthy now.

J-Smith4694d ago

Me J-Smith - "Peter Molyneux: Zzzzzzzzzz!"

vsr4693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

It only changes HATERS into LOVERS

MostJadedGamer4693d ago

I totally disagree. Gameplay ranged very boring(platform levels) to average, and the rediculously over the top action levels totally destroyed the realism of the characters. Some of the platform levels were so mind numbing boring it took all my will power just to keep playing.

I will give it credit for one thing though. It had hands down the most realistic voice acting, and cutscene characters of any video games I have ever played, but sadly this realism was ruined by the rediculously fake, and over the top action parts of the game.

MostJadedGamer4693d ago

As move Uncharted 2 would be very good, but as a game it is very mediocre, and some of the platform levels are so mind numbingly boring that it takes all your willpower just to keep playing.

ranmafandude4693d ago

get ready for the storm you have created upon yourself lol.

Imperator4693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

Naughty Dog ARE the best developers in the world. At this point, nothing comes even close to UC2 and only other PS3 first party devs can even hope to compete.

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ranmafandude4694d ago

high quality ps3 exclusives the passion they put in these games just makes me cry with joy lol.

2009 - infamous, killzone 2, r&c a crack in time, uncharted 2
2010 - god of war 3 , lbp2, gt5, socom 4
2011 - infamous 2, killzone 3,twisted metal and motorstorm apocolypse(that means they gonna kill the arcade racer genre lol), the last guardian OMG STOP SONY STOP LOL.

DigitalRaptor4694d ago (Edited 4694d ago )

I know dude. The PS3 is so abundant in quality exclusives, it's kinda hard to believe it's still not all that popular. Nowadays, you've gotta be in denial if you think the PS3 is a bad console.

Blaine4694d ago

You forgot: 2010 - MAG!!

That game was awesome. Anyone who's played it more than 20 hours will emphatically concur! (Notice: >20 hours means every single review out there doesn't count.)

gamingisnotacrime4694d ago

sometimes i look at my PS3 collection and just feel so lucky to be a gamer of this era
Uncharted 2: WoW

8thnightvolley4694d ago

Uncharted2 will always be major inspiration to everyone including devs.. it made epic want to put their thinking hates ono to improve the graphical level of gears, it make infamous2 step up big time, naughty dog help bungie in the execution of reach in terms of graphics... i could keep going on.. and on.. but now the industry will knw quality after uncharted2 and now devs are gonna making something we can all agree draws great inspiration from such a great game...

kudos naughty dog.. u sure did good.

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