SDCC 10: Halo: Reach ViDoc - Forge World

Go outside the canyon a take the whirlwind tour of Forge World -- a new, fantastic point of view fit for way more than just the Blood Gulch remake.

Set on one of the franchise's iconic Halo rings and featuring a multitude of faithful remakes already built in, only Forge World's vaulting blue skies are the limit, allowing aspiring cartographers to take up where our map designers left off. Utilizing the upgraded Forge 2.0 toolset, a familiar, sprawling landscape, and your own imagination to sculpt, build, and share custom crafted maps, Forge World is more than just a's a blank, Forerunner-themed canvas with unlimited creative potential.

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QuantumWake3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Forge World has put me in total AWE! Bungie knows how to cater to their fans by letting them tear up the world they just created. It's simply amazing what they're doing. I'm so hyped for Reach right now! This is Bungie's last Halo game... And they're going out with a bang. We love you Bungie! Keep doing what you're doing. 7hank you!

Warthog KOTH FTW! :D

MerkinMax3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

First, the scale of the level blew me away.
Second, the Forge options blew me away.
Third, the potential map remakes blew me away.
Fourth, the endless possibilities blew me away.

I could go on and on. This is just awesome! Thanks Bungie.

-Alpha3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

In a sense like LBP but what a lot of non-Halo players don't realize is that Bungie had the ability to create, play, and share maps, modes, pics, videos, etc. in Halo 3.

So it's not so much as LBP as it is like Halo 3, but bigger, better, and rightfully so considering it's a sequel to a blockbuster game.

TROLL EATER3011d ago

wah lbp is as full game is 5 % of halo reachs overall content.

StanLee3012d ago

Blown away. Absolutely blown away.

Blaze9293012d ago

i just jizzed all over my keyboard. game of the year 2010 - nuff said.

8thnightvolley3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

seeing that almost made me cry i swear .. much love bungie...

Rekyyli3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Beyond epic.

The community behind this game will be on fire for years to come. Hell, where can i sign in?!

EvilBlackCat3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

loyalists are like

""mmm i... better go to other news and comment but let me hit some disagrees""

Halo = Fun

So now we say:

Wow this game is so much HALO...

The other day i was having so much HALO with some friends at the park...

Ohhh man that was HALO!


i mean all you loyalists better really just cut it and STFU now and go back to your dens.

OK Modder put me the handcuffs and keep defending this ignorant's.

otherZinc3012d ago

As for those that think the Halo World is over after Reach with Bungie, no. 343 has members from Bungie already in it, Halo Creators in it as well as regular members.

Also, they will have this engine to work on future Halo Projects. Bungie is my favorite developer & I'll buy whatever they make next because they've earned that. However, 343 Studios is going to hold the Fort down for the Halo Universe!

SaberEdge3012d ago

Amazing, stunning, gorgeous, fantastic, awesome...

georgeenoob3012d ago

AMAZING!! This vid actually gave me goosebumps, I don't think I ever got those from watching a videogame vid before.

EVILDEAD3603012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Bungie = My Heroes..

I almost spit out my coffee...

Halo Reach just threw a spear into the heart of gaming..

Forge won awards..Forge World should be worshipped..

GOTY nominee..EASY

It won't win because of the entrenched hate from the people jealous of it's amazing success..but Bungie EARNED it..and it is the title that people will not put down for years

LMAO @ people actually bringing up LBP..let it go..go back to Halo 3..people were creating..sharing..and playing the heck out of Forge long before that game dropped..apples and oranges

September..the game heard round the world..Excellence..


TROLL EATER3011d ago

game of the year? is for 5 hour games on blu ray. halo reach is game of the lifetime

FragMnTagM3010d ago

Forge World alone. The possibilities are just mind boggling considering what the community did with the first Forge mode which seems severely gimped compared to this version.

WOW, I just stared in awe. With my mind clicking to fast about all the things I wanted to do with the first forge mode, but was limited by certain things. This is how you do it when you are done with your IP.

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tdogchristy903012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

I got to admit that is pretty impressive. It's stuff like this that make me question why I should adopt the 720/ps4. Things like LBP2 and Halo Reach...just wow, WOW!

It also make me question microft and how they can live up to what Bungie has done with the franchise. After seeing that I'm in doubt as to if I'd ever play a halo game that isn't made my Bungie.

wwm0nkey3012d ago

I dont think a single person could ever complain about this, and with the tagging feature and the ability to have 1000 custom content (of EACH category) Reach will be a hit. Also competitive Firefight is fucking awesome!

SaberEdge3012d ago

The amount of content Reach has is freaking insane. I'll be busy with this game for a long, long time.

SOAD3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

This is why Halo is one of the greatest console shooters ever, in my opinion. Yeah, yeah, people will downplay it by saying we can do it on PC, but Bungie is bridging the gap by giving people the ability to do this.

Halo Reach and LBP 2 are going to one day make things like this standard for console games.

Edit: Jesus, I just finished watching the video. This is the best map editor for the 360. And people thought Halo was getting stale.

jdktech20103012d ago

Couldn't agree more at least about Reach (never played LBP....though I'm interested in 2)

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Thrillhouse3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Totally agree SOAD. Bungie has been ahead of the rest in terms of customization (hell, even party systems) since Halo 2.

webeblazing3012d ago

didnt farcry2 had an editor. i wonder if reach is gonna be on 2 disc like odst. the editor do look crazy imma play others map tho

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