Reaching the Casual Market: Is it really worth it?

GOS Writes: "The gaming industry is close to seeing the releases of the Playstation Move and Microsoft Kinect. It will be an interesting battle this holiday season, as both companies debut their new motion controllers. There have been plenty of comparisons and information out there consumers can use to pick which one is right for their needs. How will this play out for Sony and Microsoft? The following article I will go into both motion controllers and why I believe that both companies,especially Microsoft, need to ask themselves one simple thing; is breaking into the casual market really worth it?"

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KILLERAPP3011d ago

This guy doesn’t like natal and likes the move, he thinks the move killer app game will be the Sorcery game next year, i think if there is one game that has motion control to really look forward to is Sorcery but Is still too early to call it a killer app, like I said ill wait till next year to decide whether to buy it or not that goes for both natal and move…

Sunny_D3011d ago

It's working for Nintendo...

CharlesDCI3011d ago

Which isn't the point of the article..

Lord_Doggington3011d ago

uh yes it is. did you even read the 2nd page

Bigpappy3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

This is strickly to show people like me that Move is the better option over Kinect. I hate people act like everyone else is an F'ing retard that can't make up his own mind. Well let me just get this out there for fools like this blogger who ordane themselves "Clan leader". I am not interested in joining a clan, and I am my own effing leader. I decide what my money buys. I have pre-ordered 2 Kinects an I am fully aware of limitations of the camera. I am sure that when I set it up in my home I will make my family aware of these limitation, just like I did with the Wii I bought them. I happen to love what M$ is doing with Kinect. I am into fitness and have kids. Some of the games I have seen so far have impressed me. I can have a lot more fun with my kids playing them than playing Halo or COD, both of which I plan to buy. Move is a good controller that I don't need (I only have 360 for my gaming). Move seems like another option for the core gamers, but in no way will it catch on to the casuals in the way connect has already. I don't care if they demo it for the rest of the year. Connect has a much more powerful first impression in my view and base on how the pre-orders are going, I am not alone.

I am not here trying to sell Kinect like that blogger is trying to sell Move. I am just letting the haters know that they are people, like me, who will not be swayed negative press, and fanboy bloggers. I way interested in 3D motion tech back when I first saw 3DV-Z demo's around the time Wii came out. I saw a boxing demo and thought if was the koolest thing I ever saw. Now M$ owns that tech and thinks this is even better. I like what I see and have noticed improvements. I watch all the live Demo's on Youtube not just the ones submitted on N4G. There are some really great demo's on youtube of people having great fun with Kinect sports and and Kinect Adventure. The kind I am looking forward to with my family and friends. The kind that Move or wii can not recreate. Kinect is unique and easy to get into. Hating it is not going to make people want the Move. The Move needs to sell itself with the games that appeal to the people Sony want.

JaeKuro3011d ago

Personally, I don't think Kinect or Move will do well in the near future, maybe later after their releases but, definitely not now. Both are going after the "Wii crowd" but with a hardcore gamers price tag. Thankfully for those interested, you could have pre-ordered Kinect yesterday for a lower price ($90) but no casual gamers knew about that unless they troll around for sales on the internet in the middle of the night. I don't think the Move offered that same deal though.

It is possible that Move and Kinect may recruit some casuals into the hardcore group but its not likely, for Microsoft at least. I do applaud Sony for going for both crowds but I don't think many casuals will go for it since it appears to be just a motion controller for hardcore games. I don't really plan on buying either one (when they are released at least). Secondly, just in my opinion, Kinect would do better if they lowered the price and Microsoft made sure it wouldn't break after a week of turning it on.

y1493011d ago

Is breaking into the casual market worth it?
I dont' know, it depends if your company likes money.

Lord_Doggington3011d ago

man they are gonna make a boatload of money with kinect.

Spenok3010d ago

Very well said, to bad theres no bubble for that one. I guess its just well said then.

dizzleK3011d ago

casuals BUY games, the "hardcore" buys cod and rents/pirates everything else. who can blame companies for going where the money is. you may have bought a ps360 but your $5 rental of bayonetta really doesn't help anyone, does it?

Qui-Gon Jim3011d ago

Buying that used copy of Bayonetta doesn't help either. Neither does selling it back to the store for another person to buy. Gamestop loves you for doing that, but the publishers and developers don't, and, like you said, may choose to switch their resources to more profitable audiences.

tiamat53011d ago

Nintendo and Microsoft don't go after casuals. They go after non gamers who are to naive to understand what junk they are buying. These no challenge simple minded Fisher Price like games are garbage. Tell me something. Were TMNT games casual or hardcore? What about Mega man? Sonic? Sly Cooper? Contra? SMB 3? They were neither. There was no casual or hardcore until Nintendo said there was and drew a line. Everyone played these games. And now Microsoft is doing the same nonsense as Nintendo did. And once again Sony is the one who caters to all instead of abandoning everyone for the idiots who buy this low quality trash. Do me a favour.I play games that might be considered 'casual' in 'hardcore' gamers eyes, so don't lump me together with the morons who buy this junk because I wouldn't touch it . Call them non gamers or gullible gamers or something because the word 'casual' is starting to sound like more like the word stupid everyday.

CharlesDCI3010d ago

Like I said before, thats the point of the article.

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