Masonic references in games

Free Masonry: While Freemasonry is frequently referred to in film and text, little research has been done into its occurance in games. This list represents an attempt to catalogue those occurances.

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tunaks13010d ago

wasn't the whole single player in the conduit centered around masonic conspiracies?

Fierce Musashi3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Mm-hm I'm really interested in how the story progresses in the sequel.

iMad3010d ago

The world is in hands of Rokfellers, Rothshields and other bank clans aka massons. they print dollar allready 100 years and gained super power because of it peace of paper.

Japan economy&politics became controlled by Americans after WW2. Japan not allowed to have an army after WW2. they only have little self-defence forces.
Conclusion: all Japan is "controled" by world bank clans. They also control America. That is why BluRay won. They don't need Sony to loose. they need America vs Japan competition. they earn money on that.

rezzah3009d ago

Its also why some wars were started and why the americans joined some wars, it was all to raise money.

WW1 - Ameircans joins after Pearl Harbor. They knew the planes were coming, but they let the Japans arrive at their shores and destroy the place. that way they can have a reason to join the war.

WW2 - The ship the Lucia (I oculd be wrong about the name) contained some american passengers, it was bombed by a German submarin. Umm I cant remember if it was planed in some way or another, but the they used that as their reason to join the war.

The war for oil...this is the biggest slap to the face for the Americans...The plan that crashed at the White house, or was it the Pentagon (srry cant remmeber which), well we all saw the fires infront the place. But did anyone see the actual plane itslef? Or what about any debrie of the plane, since it did crash into the ground there had to of been some part of the plane. Thing was there was no, plane that part was a fake.

The Twin Towers...You guys do realise that both towers fell staright down. No they did not fall onto other buildings, they just went straight down. Sounds kinda familiar? Well then think about the purpose of a Demolisher's Job. Are they not suppose to make the building fall within it crashing into the bulding right besdie it? What about that other smaller black building (dont know the name) that fell exactly the same way?

9/11 was planned so they can start that war for oil, You might think that it was such a huge public event that its impossible that this could of been a lie. You might say that many people died. Thats exactly why they did it, they made the lie seem so real that what was fake looked like reality.

Fuck those basterds.

Darkstorn3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )


The Twin Towers were designed to fall straight down no matter what, it's called architecture...

I don't agree with the War in Iraq, but the libertarian idea that the WTC was an inside job by an insidious government is bogus.

MariaHelFutura3010d ago

Wow, I`m surprised to see this here. Good job my little Birds, Bees and Butterflies.

dizzleK3010d ago

keep that illuminati shit out of my games

Darkstorn3010d ago

I think it's inspired. Keep it in!

RememberThe3573010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Illuminati FTW! lol

Jerk1203010d ago ShowReplies(5)
Natsu X FairyTail3010d ago

Man , I've been talking bout Illumainti and them freemasons for so long but most people in here wasnt tryna take serious.


Consoldtobots3010d ago

yeah you're like the 10567534 person to discover the conspiracy, now go get a job.

Natsu X FairyTail3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Im 19 i got a job labeled under construction work , I did a 1year trade at school and I get paid 20dollars to paint rooms. how u livin?

RememberThe3573010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Live your life. If you want a better world, create it. Don't let yourself get tricked into not changes because you feel like it's hopeless. We all have the power and like Pac says, you just need your confidence.

Megaton3010d ago

I love that video. Makes me laugh at anyone who uses that word in the wrong way, which is pretty much everyone.

The tin foil brigade is in full effect here. Life isn't always as interesting as you wish it was. Are there nefarious entities in the world? Sure, and there always will be, but that doesn't mean they've all formed a Legion of Doom who secretly controls the world while everyone with an internet connection or a stupid friend knows about it.

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HDgamer3010d ago

Assassin's creed is in it lol

Blasphemy3010d ago

Yup, Assassin's Creed is all about the illuminati.

Blasphemy3010d ago

It's already in alot of video games now.

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-Mezzo-3010d ago

This is not new at all, but its good that more gamers get aware of this. :D

TheColbertinator3010d ago

Deus Ex just fed the Illuminati storyline to everyone with a spoon

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