Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Exclusive to Xbox Live


"Here's some great information on two aspects of one of the most anticipated Zombie games over the last 12 months, Dead Rising 2, straight off the Press Release desk.

Seems Xbox fans will get their hands on a 'Prologue' this August 31st via Xbox Live Arcade for just 400 MPs. Not a bad deal at all really."

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XboxOZ3603012d ago

Just have to love exclusive content, and you watch both sides go nuts over the fact the fact there is such content available to one, but not the other.

Each gets its own form of exclusive content, but I especially love the viral marketing they are doing, which is also in the information presented such as Tape It Or Die . . .

Imperator3012d ago

At least Sony invests in both exclusives and content for multiplats. MS just gets exclusive timed DLC.

BX813011d ago

Exclusive timed or just exclusive makes a huge diff. Gamers want content period. They don't care about what console it's on (unless they're fanboys). Hell I'm glad I purchased UFC 2010 for the PS3 because it came with a crap load of extras!

BadCircuit3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

All these exclusive levels to PS3 and 360 just annoy me. I remember when a multi platform game was just a game and came complete without needing constant patches or pay more for content and were more or less the same (well PS2 versions sometimes looked a bit worse and only had 2 controller ports for multi, but that was all).

Nathaniel_Drake3012d ago

This is what happens when you have one company that has a weak 1st party division

Blaze9293012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

this is what happens when you can only afford to buy one gaming system. Seriously, didn't you all learn your lesson last gen? Owning all systems is the only way to go.

Perjoss3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

MS 1st party is indeed weak, but the multiplats 9 times out of 10 look better on the 360 and there are much much more miltiplats than there are 1st party games. Thats why I have both consoles, PS3 for exclusives (uncharted2, mgs4, valkyria, all amazing games), and 360 for multiplats and online.

BX813011d ago

I agree but in this day and age it pays to be a owner of multiple consoles!

KILLERAPP3012d ago

This is a bad move by capcom they might have just lost sales on the PS3 version, this would have gotten the world out there about the game since PS3 owners have yet to experience the game, 360 owners already played the first so they know already what to expect and with other big games coming out in the same time this game might just be lost this holiday season..

Kamikaze1353012d ago

I doubt people will want to play part two of a game when they haven't even gotten to play the first. Also, not releasing this on the PS3 is bad since in order to experience the franchise, PS3 owners have to dish out $60 on a brand new copy rather than pay a few bucks to try this game out on PSN. Oh well, It's Capcom's loss - not mine, lol.

Zerodin3012d ago

Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana BATMAN?

unknownhero11233012d ago

if you are then this is completely different because batman:AA had a demo before release, everybody that had a console or a PC knew what to expect. plus,correct me if I'm wrong, DR2 has no demo coming out so PS3 players don't know what to expect. having case zero on the 360 only won't help ps3 owners decide if they want to play DR2 or not. Not a problem with me since I have both consoles but still it was not a sound decision on capcom's part.

Garnett3012d ago

All they have to do is release a demo and people can experience Dead Rising, they didnt loose any sales.

Btw this Exclusive DLC is STUPID!, If your gonna pay people MS, Make the entire game exclusive, permanently!, not timed..

gaminoz3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Well Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is getting some mysterious DLC for PS3 owners only too, but I tend to agree that both consoles should get all DLC, so at most it should be timed exclusivity.

Isn't the idea making $?? I guess if MS and Sony are paying $ for the exclusive rights then they are...

El_Colombiano3012d ago

Exclusive DLC is only bad for the consumer. That applies to every and all platforms. I REALLY wish this would stop.

Rocket Sauce3012d ago

Oh yeah, that and the exclusive pre-order bonuses.

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