The Argument For Kinect


"While many so-called ‘gamers’ (or what we tend to term hardcore gamers to be precise) seem to be having huge issues with it, there are tens of thousands of Australians that will embrace the system with open arms, no pun intended."

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gaminoz3196d ago

I don't have a problem with Kinect. If there isn't anything that inspires me I simply won't buy it.

As for the more $ coming into gaming because of casual or non-gamers buying the new tech, I wonder if the dollar train has left the station now that Wii has been out for so long capturing those buyers???

rroded3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

"Gamers Need To Look Beyond Themselves
If ‘so-called gamers’ bothered to take their blinkers off, put on some proper glasses and got rid of the ‘tunnel-vision’ and took a non-biased look at the situation, they would see this quite clearly"

really gotta support it cause i owe it ta the "gaming" industry... cough ms...

sigh XboxOZ360 (teh aptly named author) you sound like a fanboi. Tho I was thinking about approving this i just cant sites got enough of ya already.

gaminoz3196d ago

I didn't read it that we NEED to buy it but that we need to see it for what it is and how it will help the industry as a whole.

There's so much hate for it when really it is a different market.

XboxOZ3603196d ago

110% correct, noo ones saying, hey gamers, YOU need to buy this. What its saying is, stop the hate and see WHY there's such new tech becoming available, that is of course, if you want to see more games made in the distant future.

It reminds me of the old "head in the sand" thing . . .

The writer above takes it personally and does not READ the article or how it is written, simply sees words in a title and 'assumes' the worst.

Typical of the current generation or two of gamers these days.

GWAVE3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

The fact that there has to be an "argument for Kinect" shows that it really is worthless.

Casuals may or may not like it, but I'm not a casual gamer, Kinect is obviously not for me, and Microsoft's focus on Kinect shows that they don't care about hardcore gamers. For gamers to defend it really shows their blind fanboyism.

I never saw such devotion from gamers to a product that was not aimed at them. Just the opposite in fact: when the Nintendo Wii and many of the games on it ended up being casual, the hardcore audience revolted and began to hate the Wii. I mean at first, 360 gamers defended it by saying there was going to be hardcore games, but now that isn't the case, so they defend it because...why?

IdleLeeSiuLung3196d ago

The difference between the Wii and rest of the industry was that there hardly was anything for the hard core gamers. Arguably, when there was nobody bought the games.

The 360 on the other hand has a huge selection of hard core gamers already and some of the biggest games are coming in the next 9 months for the 360.

I don't see any plans for Kinect beyond that time frame either, so I don't see how that means MS "don't care about hardcore gamers" anymore.

Care to elaborate? Then again, I don't think I have ever heard you say anything positive about MS.... maybe that is the reason.

rroded3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

reads more like a bleeding ad for ms then anything else

"Gamers need things like Kinect or Move because by allowing game developers to build family orientated games that bring in huge amount annually, it helps bolster the publishers coffers thus enabling them to fund other new and or innovative IP games that would otherwise sit on the back shelf and possibly never see the light of day due to lack of funding.
Publishers are losing millions annually, but through such things as Kinect, and Move they will have the opportunity to venture into new territory, build their bank balances, make investors happy, who by the way actually fund the new IP’s in advance, because their portfolios are being bolstered by family orientated gaming via such things as Kinect, Move and 3D gaming enhancements"

poor industry is worth billions more than ever but really this is the deal breaker omg pls save those devs buy kinect n all the shovelware they throw at ya...

Weak dude kinect will flop like the power glove Im guessing. Either way life will go on n devs will live n die by the games they make n the people they do business with.

darthv723196d ago

its ok. gwave is entitled to his opinion as this is all what this site is about anyway. We all have different views on things. I am man enough to respect what sony is doing even if a ps3 fan may not be the same for MS.

What really gets me is the continued effort of the move crowd to insist that kinect is the same and doesnt offer ANYTHING compelling that would make it a worthy purchase.

In a move article I may criticize the comments but not the actual unit. I think it is different and deserves its own respect. I like how it can be adapted for existing games and it will depend on how they use it for future titles that will make or break it.

I have said this before but Move is an afterthought. Essentially ideas sony had previously are finding their way back into the spotlight because there are those who just didnt know. They think its new and defining the industry as moving forward.

They dont realize that what ms has done may not be new as well from the perspective of camera based control but they refuse to acknowledge that it is new to ms. They make the comparison based on previous entries from sony and think that because it is a camera it must be the same with little to offer in the future growth of the industry.

motion was ALWAYS a futuristic idea since the days of pong. We also are getting back into 3d and you add both and you are stepping into what was only perceived in the scifi movies years ago. The criticism this device is receiving is really not directed at it but at MS as a whole and their entry into video gaming.

This just happens to be the current scape goat. Many dont even know of a gaming world before sony. That may be why they choose not to acknowledge nintendo either. Regardless of the childish nature of the nintendo characters, they helped forge this industry and this is the thanks they get.

An argument for kinect isnt really an argument but a bitch fest for these gamers to show their hypocrisy. What isnt good enough for them isnt good enough for anybody in their frame of mind. I like gaming. I like it allot. Perhaps to much to restrict my views to one side or another.

I believe in the notion that if you dont have one, you cant comment. I have a 360 and a wii and a ps3 so I CAN comment and share my views on what drives me as it pertains to gaming. If I like move more than kinect or vice versa I have that right to share because I have the systems to which it relates.

Its ok to dislike something because it doesnt appeal to you but to ridicule others that have a difference of opinion is pure stupidity. I am making this statement here because I see it to many times in other threads and I am tired (really..bed time for me) and you are someone who I could relate as you seem to have an open mind.

I may be labeled a hypocrite because i can be in one thread and say something and then be in another and say something else but that is my right as someone who supports this industry from all sides. I will not pander to those who are one sided by choice.

I am big enough to respect someones views so long as they can be equally respectful in a civil manner.

ha ha...jeez I must be tired. I just said civil here on n4g.

Dread3195d ago

great reply Darth

bubble up

I agree with you 100%

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ChozenWoan3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

So basically this article is saying that gamers should have supported Haze and Too Human, not because of how great the games where, but for how great the sequels could have been. Yes I'm stretching the logic a bit but it's basically the same argument.

Supporting a broken product is not how you support technical innovation and financial stability in the gaming industry. In the long run, gamers will remember how they where burned and will not be so quick to purchase future products... for example car buyers and Toyota as of the past 6 months.

Also, although this is supposed to be an article about Kinect, why is the PSMove included in the defense of Kinect (at least on these forums). The products are very different even though they are both motion systems. Of the two, the PSMove actually has lots of Hardcore games. So to say that Sony is focused on only the casual gamers with the PSMove is something of a disservice to the last 10 years of R&D Sony has put into making sure their motion system works for the hardcore as well as the casuals.


Qui-Gon Jim3196d ago

This article is saying that while you might not like Kinect, it's not being put out for you, it's being put out for the same crowd that bought Wii Fit. There's a lot of money to be gotten from those people, and Microsoft knows that Kinect isn't good enough for core games, so they are putting out Kinect to capture those casual players and figuring that the core gamers will be content to stick with Halo and Gears of War.

moparful993196d ago

Sony is attempting to bridge the gap between casuals and core gamers with move. Microsoft's one and only motivation with kinect is to take a chunk of that casual pie away from nintendo. It was evident from their press conference that kinect was their subject of focus for the remainder of the forseeable future. They are turning their backs on the gamers responsible for helping them weather all of the hardware issues and the ps3 tidal wave. It's clear that microsoft isn't as in tune with their audience as sony is.. I think thats where alot of this hatred for kinect is steming from..

The Lazy One3196d ago

Dollar train definitely hasn't left, it just has more stops now.

Having a new platform to release on won't mean the products won't sell. Many casual products have relatively simple tech, which is easy to make cross platform compared to major engines like iDtech or custom engines.

Where it might take Naughty Dog a year to port a game (just an example, aware they are exclusive) because it's more hardware dependent, casual developers have a much easier time porting across because even if it's not running efficiently it's still running visibly the same on all platforms.

Having an extra 50 million people to sell to between Move and Kinect will do nothing but help the industry.

XboxOZ3603196d ago

I do wish some gamers would look past what they think things like Kinect are, and see the 'bigger picture' . .but it seems many can't. Sad really, because if we want more new games that core gamers can play unveted, then we NEED such things as Kinect and Move and dare I say, even 3D gaming, even if it will cause many side effects with gamers.

Biggest3196d ago

I think you're missing the big picture. You can't sell a dream as a dream. The Kinect isn't a mysterious product anymore. It is what it is. Looking at what it opens the door for is no reasoning for a purchase. The Wright Brothers didn't mass produce their first airplane and sell it based off of what Boeing does now. Kudos to everyone trying to move forward in technology. But you won't get a sale from me until you make a product that does what you dream of.

Qui-Gon Jim3196d ago

I think the idea of Kinect is way ahead of the technology (read: it doesn't work as well as it should), but you are absolutely right that MS is not targeting the "hardcore gamers." Kinect is all about family time fun. Kinect Adventures will be fun for people playing with their relatives at Christmas, and extremely boring for the person playing alone. The hardcore gamers are upset because they got excited about all the things that "Project Natal" could bring to their games, but now they are left hanging as MS chases after Suzy Soccer-Mom and her daughter.

moparful993195d ago

Look here's the issue microsoft painted this big bright picture of natal. They had people believing that there was going to be a whole new generation of exciting games that utilized full body motion control, voice recognition, and the ability to scan objects into the game.. As of right those are all unfullfilled promises.. All I see is a small catalog of uber casual games that we've already seen on the wii.. Factor in that there has been a whole slew of videos and reports of kinect not working properly and you have an overhyped underperforming piece of tech that needs work.. But as usual they are rushing it to market to try and steal sony's thunder.. Thats all microsoft seems to care bout is sticking it to sony..

KILLERAPP3196d ago

There is no argument, people saw it at E3 if you where impress by their showing then by all means buy it and enjoy it and if you weren’t then don’t buy simple as that, there are still many awesome games coming in the fall that you could spend those 150 dollars or simply buy natal or whatever is call, most of us already made our minds at E3 and the final point was the price now we know the price and the games that will be there by the end of the year, is the same with the move… As for me ill wait till 2011 probably E3 2011 and see the games then and the progress and by then there will probably a price cut and better games for both natal and move…

XboxOZ3603196d ago

But you see, that's it in a nut shell, the whole idea of Kinect (Move etc) is not aimed at you, but at a completely different market, but "gamers' take it onboard as if it is aimed at them specifically.

The games made for Kinect won't suit the core gamer, but they will suit the family members who simply want something different for the family to be involved in as a unit.

NOt as individuals or even in groups over Live/PSN for that matter.

Things like Kinect are aimed at a totally different market, which was evident at E3's special event, which we attended, so we saw it first hand, rather than the somewhat twisted reporting by some gaming media.

KILLERAPP3196d ago

What I saw at E3 enlist the games they where aimed at the casual but other features like playing movies with voice or the minority report type features I like but the games are not there so I won’t buy until I see good games for it, the move on the other hand already has support for mayor titles and we already saw some cold things at E3 but I still won’t buy it ether until next year at the earliest…

yess3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I have nothing against Kinect or move or Wii for that manner.

But the gamers i think, feel they are the one aimed for.
Cause MS made a big, very big show of Kinect at E3, and don't tell me that that big show was aimed for the casual.
It was aimed at "profesional" journalist, devs and hardcore gamers.
They are the one's watching, writing and talking about E3.

Why was E3 filled with Kinect if it wasent for them to see, and why do they have to read all about it on every gaming site on the web, if they are not the one's aimed for.
So now the true gamers, are talking about Kinect, but there is nothing for them to talk about, cause it all for the casual...For now.

I understand if the hardcores are feeling a little cheated, and don't know what to say as long its all Skitles and dance in the news.
They want to see what all the buzz at E3 was about..

moparful993195d ago

You've got yourself convinced that this is aimed at the casuals but you and I both know that with out the core adopting the tech early its not going anywhere period. Btw move is being targeted to all gamers. Sony knows their core audience has always and will always butter their bread so to speak.. For microsoft to solely focus on the casual crowd is a mistake that they will pay for..

stuna13195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

That's where I think you're wrong! Sony never said that they were strictly aimed at the casual crowd, for anyone that owns a ps3 they would already know that there are already plenty off casual titles on the ps3. Sony has just chosen to enhance the playability of those titles. The ps3 is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to premoting and expanding different genre, whether it be hardcore or, casual . The ps3 fanbase is made up of variety. The xbox 360 console is the one that has the bigger job of convincing the casual as well as the hardcore, that it is willing to shed it's hardcore exterior and be known for more than the console to go to for fps. Will kinects help in that transition? Possible, but only if it can overcome the hurdles that are impeding its performance.

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Spenok3194d ago

Intelligence, priceless.

BadCircuit3196d ago

I hope the Star Wars Kinect game is half decent fun. I don't need a game to be 'hardcore', just has to be fun.

Imallvol73196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Wii has shown me how excited I should be about motion gaming in its present form. In other words, I'm not buying Wii, Kinect, or Move.

I bought that You're in the Movies game for Xbox Vision. Even when I got it to work well, it was only fun for a few minutes at a time, and its completely boring when gaming alone. Kinect may be ok for parties, but if your playing by yourself you get bored quick.

It's going to take some real convincing to change my stance.

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