Alan Wake vs Deadly Premonition – 12 startling similarities

GamesRadar: One of 2010’s best horror games has a disturbing amount in common with its best-worst

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-Mezzo-3104d ago

lol, they both are the same games, except Alan Wake has better Story & Graphics.

N4GAddict3104d ago

Deadly Premonition is extremely underrated

Darkstorn3104d ago

It's a cult game. It's not for everyone...

El_Colombiano3104d ago

I'm MOST DEFINITELY getting Deadly Premonition.

dgroundwater3104d ago

Great article. It's true how similar the subject matter and characters are. Both are actually brilliant in their own ways. AW in a Hollywood way, and DP in a b-movie one :D

mikepmcc3104d ago

Exactly, the quality difference is hilarious.

KILLERAPP3104d ago

Good comparison, I really did enjoy Alan Wake me and my friends are still asking ourselves about the ending and hoping is resolve in part two can’t wait…P.S love the final video of the game awesome ending…

N4GAddict3104d ago

I hope they are making a sequel.

KingKiff3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Yet I hated every minute of it.

I was glad to have only hired it, finished it in one day.

Game-play was repetitive, action was dismal, zero replay value (nice graphics though)... you pretty much mastered the games fighting after the first kill.

I got very sick of looking around for coffee and manuscripts as well.

I keep asking people why they liked this game but no one has any good reasons as to why they liked it???

IMO Alan Wake was the worst xbox exclusive this year and I can't believe that any reviewer gave it a 9/10. I would have given it a 4.5/10 max.

Please tell me what you liked about it? Even the story was weak as water in my opinion.

EDIT: Come on tell me why you all liked it, a few points can't hurt. Don't just disagree. I am boared at work and fell like a debate lol.

Honest_gamer3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

10 reasons I liked about it (keyword: I) also a few reasons I disliked it at the bottom
1, game was different not played a really good "horror" game since resident evil 2 my best ps1 game and one of my all time best games (screw nemesis, William FTW)
2, game gave me a few frights no game has ever done that (minus RE1 the zombie scene at the start, not a good idea when you are like 4 years old lol)
3, barry (barry puts kevin butler to shame with his "jokes"!!!)
4, you have to play strategically in it (at least on nightmare you can’t run in and kill everyone as ammo is hard to come by and the batteries run out super fast)
5, hard moments (such as when you are in the warehouse and war by poets of the fall is playing in the background that bit was a total b1tch on nightmare but not that hard it was frustrating)
6, had an interesting concept of light vs dark that you don’t see much in video games anymore (or I cant actually think of any game where its light vs dark other than star wars but that is a different light vs dark)
7, free DLC (I don’t know if all DLC is free or jsut the 1st one but at least its not over priced however it sucks that you might have to pay for the 2nd and later ones to fill the gap between the 1st and 2nd games >.<)
8, good soundtrack (hate all these games these days using techno/dance/rave/pop/hip-hip soundtracks!!)
9, allot of collectables (people moan when there isn’t enough then when you get allot you moan that there are too much, they are optional no one is forcing you to get them)
10, kept me guessing what was going to happen next (most games are way to predictable however if you read the manuscripts it tells you what is about to happen so I didn’t read them after the 1st few)
1, way too easy even on nightmare mode I died under 10 times
2, when things come from behind it shows you would have been allot better and scarier if it didn’t
3, traps all sparkled making it obvious where they are and how to avoid them
4, not enough guns to play with
5, cars look so fake when ever their is a movie scene and it features a moving car its like they didn’t even try to make the car fit in
6, car driving was the worst driving I have ever experienced in a game easily KO’ing forza 2 also no radio in the car? Had to listen to that fake revving sound
7, manuscripts told you what was about to happen before it happened spoiling the surprise (thus I stopped reading them, then went back to them once the game was over)

There thats some of what liked and disliked about alan wake

agree with spydiggity + blubbles good reasons!

Spydiggity3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I thought the combat was great. sure the scenarios were often similar (just like in most games) but it was like playing resident evil 4 on crack. the enemies were quick, and you had to come up with a style for dealing with them. and while shooting em one at a time and then running certainly worked, i liked to round up as many as i could by ducking out of the way til they were all in a group then dropping them with flash bang.

the atmosphere was perfect and really felt creepy without being scary...just the right amount of suspense. many of the set pieces were unique (aside from the comparisons drawn here), and you had a sense of accomplishment when you completely an episode.

they did a good job of providing background, and giving you down time to tell a story while you still felt like you were contributing to what was taking place. walking through your apartment and watching tv or hearing that light lady freak out in the beginning when you're about to go down the dark hallway.

i hear what you are saying king, in fact, it's EXACTLY how i felt about both Uncharted games. too each their own, i suppose. gaming is fun when you're doing what you want to do. you can't expect everyone to feel the way you do.

@honest_gamer: i def agree with you about the radio in the car. they needed some more music on the local station or more talk radio.

all this talk of alan wake is making me wanna play through again for the 3rd time.

i do have another major complaint about alan wake. MS clearly wasn't paying attention to launch dates when they released it. they should have known that releasing it the same day as one of the best games of this generation (RDR) would be an incredibly stupid move. and then what do they do? they give you the first DLC the same day as the launch of what may be one of the best selling games of all time (Starcraft 2). MS seemed to know they were sitting on a good thing with alan wake, so what in the hell were they thinking when it came time to actually release?


Inside_out3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

You never played Alan Your comments give you away. How do you debate someone who never played the game.

For those who have yet to play the game, it really is a great game and you won't regret's some video to highlight some gameplay...It's a good rental if you don't have the money, but the first DLC is FREE to first time buyers only.

First, the amazing game engine...

Great trailer with some great scores...

Great gameplay and story that will keep you going to the end...Here's poor Rusty we meet at E3 '09. That was the PC version, here's the amazing 360 version, yes, it looks that good.

Many defend types of gameplay...this is one of my favorites...

Here's one of many interesting characters in AW. Here, Dr Hartman at the beginning of chapter 4 ( there are 6 chapters ) tries to convince AW is dreaming everything. His wife Alice is dead and AW has been under his care the whole time. Of course the bandage on the Dr's nose is from when Alan punched him in an earlier episode. Hard to do while Later while searching the lodge, Alan finds an answering machine with his wife Alice having a discussion with the Dr about Alan's memory problems...There is to much to tell, you'll have to play the game to find out...needless to say the story really keeps you interested. Pay attention at the beginning of the video for a TV show like " previous on AW " preview of what happened on the previous 3 chapters...yes, it's that good.

One last trailer for the fans like

There you are King, all the reasons why you should run out and buy a 360 a play this great game. Then you will have a clue.

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KILLERAPP3104d ago

Kingkiff, everyone has different opinions you have the right to tell yours even if it differs from mine that is fine, we all have different kind of taste in games this are two reason why I don’t truths games reviews…

badz1493104d ago

Remedy wants to make it but M$ still refuse to fund it. has it changed lately? I'm not following the news

The real killer3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I did also enjoy Alan Wake, the best 360 game at the moment.
Remedy did a great job with that game.

They will make a sequel :)

KingKiff3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

are you serious or a troll?

Best 360 game at the moment? BIG CAPITAL WTF TO THAT!

EDIT: @ NecrumSlavery

Alan Wake is not very original though. It feels like a less scary and less hard silent hill rip off to me with no exploration involved. Maybe because it is like a movie that you feel it is something new but the whole interactive movie thing has been done much better in the past (UC2, any MGS game etc).

On that point there hasn't been many games like Alan Wake on the 360 as it's 90% shooters. I feel with the time they had they could have done a much better job with Alan Wake and made it feel like something truly new and awe inspiring, it felt so linear with no side tracking activities or possible exploration to do (besides looking for coffee which was so easy). I was left feeling disappointed at their 5 years of work on this game. The only thing it has going for it IMO was the graphics which looks gorgeous.

NecrumSlavery3104d ago

It's a rarity to see original games anymore. When one comes along, support them.

Alan Wake is #2. Mass Effect 2 is #1

bobhoot20003104d ago

This game is how gears of war should of been done...alan wake let's u jump..but u cant shoot ur gun if ur jumping...i dont understand why epicgames wont implement some shit like that..allows for more complex level design with a jump button

xxchicago33xx3104d ago

I have been saying this since both games came out, I feel like Deadly Premonition is the scraped "open world" version of Alan Wake.... Both are good fun

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