Sony Korea outs Move-compatible Flight Control and new PS3 racer

In announcing a September 15 launch for PlayStation Move in its territory, Sony Computer Entertainment Korea (intentionally?) slipped out the identity of two new PS3 titles, both with Move support. The first will be familiar to anyone who's browsed the iTunes App Store in, well, ever. It's a downloadable version of the popular "line drawing" casual strategy game Flight Control from Firemint, which has lifted off from iDevices and DSi to land on the PSN store ... at some point. (No date was listed.)

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Archdemon3062d ago

I still can't figure out how they are going to make a driving game work with move. Should I be holding the glowing orb or what?

Moentjers3062d ago

imagine how it will be done with Kinect but then with buttons to accelerate, break, shift up and down

SupaGamer3062d ago

Even more release titles for the Move.

3062d ago
tiamat53062d ago

The more the merrier. Keep them coming Sony. Show them that you are serious about Move support


Sounds good the Flight Control.

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The story is too old to be commented.