SDCC 10: The Detail of DC Universe Online

You know how you imagine the Batcave? It's in here. July 22, 2010

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shoddy3007d ago

damn the monthly fee. the game will cost hundreds of doller to play in a year.
I'll be playing GT5 and Move games.

Playerz83007d ago

Eww, Move games? How about just GT5?

tdrules3007d ago

PSN+ costs $50 a year but includes $200 of value right.
So why can't an MMO provide a similar amoount of value in terms of content?

tinybigman3006d ago

when i was playing FF11 on PS2 so $15 a month doesnt bother me one bit. i don't see people complaining about that or WoW fees. what about all the other popular MMOs with fees? Star Wars will have a fee, 90% of all MMOs have fees between 12-15 bucks so i don't see what the big deal is about this game having a fee.

are people going to say the same thing if Star Wars turns out to have a $15 a month fee?

Johnny_Bravo3007d ago

"The beta's about to launch"

"About" and "Coming Soon" are my most hated words in the video game industry.

Neko_Mega3006d ago

So far no word on Monthly fees, I already know PC will but I'm waiting to heard from the makers about it. Last I heard PS3 users will have ads to pay for their online play.

3006d ago