Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker receives third free DLC batch

The third free DLC batch for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker has been released.

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N4GAddict3009d ago

Peace Walker is easily the best PSP game.

SpaceSquirrel3009d ago

Yup, playing co-op is so fun.

D4RkNIKON3009d ago

It's always great when any dev supports their game after it's release. When it's free DLC it's even better.

RememberThe3573009d ago

I wish I had money to buy this game :(

CobraKai3009d ago

I wish you had the money too. It's awesome!

PoSTedUP3009d ago

well said cobra, i wish he had the money too. i traded in a few ps3 games for it, it was worth it!

GuruStarr783009d ago

I still don't see whats so great about it.....maybe I'm just not a "metal gear" type.....its just not that fun to me......anyone agree?

ChronoJoe3009d ago

You asked if anyone agreed, about not liking a metal gear game. lol you gotta get a lot of disagrees :P

Fair enough though, you're entitled to your opinion :D I like metal gear a lot but I also like stuff like Batman AA and Splinter Cell Conviction alot. They don't have the depth, by any stretch of the imagination - but I enjoy that they're faster paced than MGS.

George Sears3009d ago

Sadly I'm in vaca, brought my PSP but stupid me left the adapter.

tunaks13009d ago

awesome, just picked the game up today

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The story is too old to be commented.