New Sly Cooper Collection Screens

Sony showed off some new footage and had some hands-on time with the latest PS2 classic collection, Sly Cooper, and the game is looking great. When Sucker Punch launched the series back on the PS2, it featured some amazing visuals and was one of the most entertaining series to release on the PS2. Getting a revision in glorious HD, Sly Cooper is going to look better than ever before and this time it comes packed with a large set of trophies.

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VegaShinra3104d ago

$40 is a steal! Must buy!!

Darkstorn3104d ago

The game's looking good.

LordMarius3104d ago

The trophy whore inside me will be pleased

badz1493104d ago

me too! easy there whore! wait until fall! :D

MMFGaming3104d ago

They need to stop messing around with Infamous and make a next-gen Sly Cooper!

Imperator3104d ago

I would love a Sly 4, but inFAMOUS is also really great. Sucker Punch are amazing devs.

fedex6823104d ago

why else are they releasing sly collection?

I am eagerly waiting for a Ratchet collection. No luck so far :(

Queasy3104d ago

Great update to some classics. More please.

GaMa853104d ago

40$ for 3 games damn right i'm getting this day one!

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The story is too old to be commented.