Clearing Up Why Blacklight: Tango Down Was Delayed For PSN

Ben Jones writes: "Hoping to quell the misinformation, we asked Marcus Beer, Public Relations Director at Ignition Entertainment why Blacklight had been delayed on PS3..."

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HeroXIV3106d ago

Well, it's too late now. I think Tango Down is doing well sales wise because of the summer gaming drought. August is too full to even think about buying this over something else.

ChronoJoe3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

That and people on XBLA bought it without checking reviews. Something PS3 fans have had plenty time to do.

It's pretty mediocre.

It had an absolutely absurd amount of hype before release though, dunno what that was about.

xAlmostPro3105d ago

actually its very good.. for $15.. its actually a great change from mw2 if you play that, its fun & fast paced which is what i like :)

it got alot of hype, because they stuck it to infinity ward by saying "we can make a new game, that isnt full of bullshit & not charge $60" lol and because its good, simple

ChronoJoe3105d ago

To be fair. I will probably give it a go.

I heard it was average, not bad. Not a must have, but not awful either.

Holeran3105d ago

For $15 it looks to be a good break from the other fps games that are around right now. I've heard good and i've heard bad but I'm going to be the judge of it when it hits psn. From the videos it looks like they put quite a bit of effort into it especially for a $15 download so i'm going to give it a shot and hope it's worth the dough.

Duke Spookem3105d ago

So basically it couldn't get passed the quality tests. It makes sense though as I've always seen this being a mediocre game and it looks like I was right after all. At least it saves me the money to put towards Shank.

BX813105d ago

I purchased this game day 1 thinking it was going to be as cool as the videos made it looked... boy was i wrong! There is way too much spawn camping and the the see through the wall crap is purely trash imo. It's like playing MW2 except every one is a wall hacker! My advice is download the demo 1st and if you like it by all means purchase the game but at least play the demo 1st ( I didn't do).

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The story is too old to be commented.