Top 10 Hardest Video Games of All Time

The Top Ten Hardest Video Games of all time.

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Samus20803012d ago

Why isn't Mega Man 9 on this list?

Walternate3012d ago

Because its not that hard. Oh, and also, no one played it.

Big City3012d ago

I hate to break it to you kids, but Mega Man 1 was the hardest Mega Man.

RedPawn3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

You know I never thought Mega Man 1 was that bad, because of the auto on screen select pause.

Seijoru3012d ago

It might be the hardest game this Gen but not harder than some of the games gens before.

dinkeldinkse3011d ago

Isn't close to being one of the hardest games of all time.

Matthew943011d ago

wise up its nothing compared to the games of yore.

Silver_Faux3011d ago

hardest game this Gen but nothing compared to games of old.

Blaine3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Only reason I checked out the list was to see if Demon's Souls was on it, so I could come here and say it really wasn't that hard. It wasn't on the list, for good reason.

It wasn't that hard... Actually, the only reason it wasn't that hard, was because you kept all your items when you died, except for souls. If you'd lose items and equipment, then the game would be near impossible.

(Best thing about Demon's Souls's difficulty: your first playthrough, you think it's the hardest game you've played this gen. Then you start your second playthrough, and you realize the game was taking it easy on you! lol Good thing you have experience and knowledge on your side at that point, because that's where Demon's Sould really starts--on the second playthrough!)

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ABizzel13011d ago

F U battletoads. A game that almost brought me to tears.

Silver_Faux3011d ago

Caused so many fights with my brother due to accidental

duplissi3011d ago

battletoads was my all time favorite game back in the day. i never beat it though :(

grr now i want a psn or xbl arcade remake with the same gameplay but modern graphics.

CadDad3011d ago

My little bro and I would beat the hell out of the first couple levels and then toad-wreck each other against the wall at the end of the pit level rather than play that stupid hover-bike obstacle level.

Good times indeed.


badz1493011d ago

travel through a floor-less level and instant death FTL! I stopped trying exactly there and traded it back in!

SantistaUSA3011d ago

Paper boy was hard, but where's ContraIII? That games was hard as hell!

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Theflyinghumanoid3012d ago

Too much emphasis on retro games. What about God of War? Or Halo on Legendary?

TheThrills4Life3012d ago

Yeah, why does EVERYONE swear retro games are harder than newer games? I'm sick of it. Try playing the last boss of Kingdom Hearts!

MariaHelFutura3012d ago

Ez. Because they are. A few games out there are hard like the one you mentioned, but almost every old game is damn near impossible. Unless you literally memorize the entire game and get lucky so you still have a few lives when you get to "the impossible part".

ClSmooth3012d ago

Well said, MariaHelFutura. With all the save points and infinite lives today, games are a LOT easier. Back in the day it would take you 1 week to master Contra enough to get to level 3. (without the code of course).

BranWheatKillah3012d ago

Retro games ARE harder than modern games. Some by design, some by limitations, and many simply because game developers of the time didn't know better.

Honestly though, you thought the final boss in KH was difficult? Hah.

djfullshred3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Retro games were harder...because they didn't spend millions & millions of dollars to make them, so did not expect huge numbers in return on sales just to break even. Game makers today have to make a game that most people can get through without getting pissed off, or they won;t sell enough copies for their big investment. Back in the old days, it was "tough luck suckers" if many people thought they were too hard.

MostJadedGamer3011d ago

Because most games now have difficulty levels, and the ones that don't have difficulty levels are not made to be extremely hard.

Back then a lot of games didn't have difficulty levels, and some developers didn't care if they made the game rediculously hard.

gamerben3011d ago

Just because the last boss is hard doesn't mean the whole game is hard.

Drac3011d ago

Got to agree most recent games are simple compared to some of the older games, I usually finish most games in a week or two now, but back then I'd very really complete a game and it'd take some serious dedication.

Plus I'm old now and my reactions sux, back then I was young could see and had some coordination, so I definitely think the people complaining about the lack of modern games just haven't played any of the older games.

dinkeldinkse3011d ago

"why does EVERYONE swear retro games are harder than newer games?"

Because they are. That question made me speechless. I don't know why you would even ask that question. You actually think retro games are not harder than newer games? Seriously, have you ever played a retro game? A retro game with average difficulty would be about as hard or harder than Demon's Souls.

Hixon4Life3011d ago

There was always a new pit to jump over, or an enemy to dodge. Retro games were HARD!

RedPawn3011d ago

Try Solar Jetman, then let me know how you feel.

Mahr3011d ago

"why does EVERYONE swear retro games are harder than newer games"

The answer to this question and more located here.

dkgshiz3011d ago

Is due to the fact most of them don't have that much content. Most retro games without having their tough difficulty would last you probably less then 2 hours.

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distorted_reality3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

You have no idea. Try playing some of these older games and you'll see how easy most games these days are.

edit - after thinking about it for a while, I honestly can't think of any game from the last 10 years that even comes close to these older games in terms of difficulty.

Non_sequitur3011d ago

Games and game play were different in those days. It was somewhat modeled after arcade games; timing was important, set number of lives, gameover meant you had to start from the beginning because of no saves or checkpoints.

Non_sequitur3011d ago

Arcades loved that system because it translated to more quarters spent.

Matthew943011d ago

oh yeah halo with its regenerating health and infinite lives and its checkpoints

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TheGodEmperor3012d ago

Overall I agree with this list. Although I have to say, Gauntlet was not that hard. And neither was Kid Icarus. Battletoads #1 FTW though.

HallnNash3012d ago

Toooooo SWeeeeeeet!

(Nice article.)

Optimus Prime13012d ago

Nice trip down memory lane. Thanks.