A Guide to Sniffing Out Bad Games

Nox Kreiker of Inside AX: "How can you tell if a game is bad? Well, I am about to teach you using my self-conceived method I like to call the ‘Three Way.’ How the Three Way works is while you’re looking at a game, you ask yourself these three questions, and if they all turn up positive, chances are highly likely that you’re looking at a bad game."

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thelifatree3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

wrong wrong. really really dumb article

Edit I won't argue with his opinions on which of some of his games are bad and I disagree, but arguing his opinions is irrelevant to the article.

God Of War 3
Mario (though you can argue they look bad, but they look good for wii)
Final Fantasy VII (for it's time) had a 100 million dollar campaign to sell it. Good graphics, fancy cg etc.
Gran Turismo Series
Metal Gear Solid Series

All the grand theft auto's before 4 in my opinion. err 3, vc, and SA. Though they all didn't look that pretty, but in that case GTA4 wouldn't be included. imo

Neko_Mega3035d ago

I can name some games that don't look good but sold very good, pretty much this is a lame way to tell if it is a bad game.

To some FF13 was a really bad game, others ok game, to me I like it and its story.

3D Dot Hero doesn't come close to most other games, but it was fun, most Wii games don't look as good as 360 or PS3 and they sell pretty well an are good games.

So yeah this is all BS ways to know if the game is bad.

ArchangelMike3035d ago

Playstation 3 exclusives blow this guys flawed logic out of the water. He's arguing that good graphics, an extablished fan base and good marketing make a bad game?!

What a douche!

3035d ago
magus3035d ago

The key to sniffing out bad games is to play the games yourself.

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