Microsoft Ships 1.5m X360s in Apr-Jun 2010, 10.3m in FY

Microsoft's earnings report for the year ending June 2010 and the quarter ending June 2010 has just arrived. For the June quarter, Microsoft had revenues of $16.039 billion - up from $13.099 billion in the June quarter of 2009. Microsoft revenues for the year ending June 2010 increased to $62.484 billion, up from $58.437 billion in the year to June 2009. Microsoft profited $4.518 billion for the quarter and $18.760 billion for the year - both figures are up. In the June 2009 quarter Microsoft profited $3.045 billion, and in the June 2009 year Microsoft profited $14.569 billion.

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knightdarkbox3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

pretty impressive. and they are still selling those things like crazy. go microsoft!!

darthv723013d ago

the title and brief paragraph have nothing in common.

I understand there is more to the post but the first paragraph is about earnings not sales. I guess sales are earnings but still nothing about shipments of 360's.

Impressive...most impressive.

ASSASSYN 36o3013d ago

...there in the tree line. You see them? Yes... they are coming.

KionicWarlord2223013d ago

Microsoft did pretty good .

There definitely happy about windows seven .

The latest steve balmer pic with him eating steve jobs had me laughing .

lelo2play3013d ago

Microsoft is making a fu*ken sh*t load of money. I see billions everywhere. No wounder everybody hates them... LOL

Omega43013d ago

Its only gonna keep increasing from here on.

The 360 is looking to have its biggest year yet with the 360S, Reach and Kinect.

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