LittleBigPlanet Marvel Costume Pack 2 Screens

"Throughout last week released images of the new Marvel characters that gamers would see for the second LittleBigPlanet Marvel Costume Pack. The 2nd add-on pack is now available on PSN but if you missed Marvel’s coverage last week, we got all the images for you right here. Marvel Costume Pack 2, as you can see, features Thor, Spider-Man, Elektra, Human Torch and Ghost Rider."--Eric From

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psman0123104d ago

Haha I got the level pack, but honestly, I dont think it is worth 6 dollars for a few costumes. Still looks really cool though!

Zydake3104d ago

I agree it's cool I bought it without thinking twice if it was worth it. I agree they should lower the price on that I wasn't pleased with ghostrider tho I thought there were going to be actual flames surrounding his head not plastic.

theherp803104d ago

Yeah man I was just about to get the whole thing when I saw other ppl saying GR had plastic flames. I think i'm just going to choose one and pay $2 instead of the $6 for the entire thing.

K-Tuck3104d ago

Tigresa stole my comment.