Zombies have my heart, but they can't have my brains

Zombies are everywhere in video games, and that's quite fine by Dennis. Not only do zombie video games prepare its players to defend humanity from the upcoming zombie apocalypse, they also promote styles of video game play which are incredibly satisfying.

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mrv3213008d ago

Zombies are in video games because

1. Lackluster A.I
2. Simple
3. NO extra models
4. No guns
5. Difficulty=Numbers

dizzleK3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

i'm still waiting for the definitive zombie game. dead island looks like it could be it but at this point a release seems unlikely.

developers choose the quick and easy swarm/robotron style of gameplay instead of trying to make a REAL zombie game. they don't respect the lore.

what do all zombie films and fiction have in common? survivors trapped with limited weapons, ammo and food in a building thats hastily and poorly barricaded. what i envision is a game that uses those elements. you start out in a massive city, trapped in your apartment with diminishing food and only a handgun for survival. your quest is to make it out of the city and to a military safe zone. you are forced to leave your apartment and scour the city for supplies. picture fallout 3 type gameplay but with the ability to gain stats in things like food rationing and barricade building skills. along your quest you meet up with other survivors who may have skills in things like electricity, someone who can get the lights running in a safe house you bunk down in for the night. you must cooperate otherwise that character may be bitten and turn into a zombie (at a random time). do you kill them immediately or get every last drop out of their skills that you can?

i'd introduce alot of random elements like weather, the ability for your safehouse to catch on fire, randomized city layouts or a party member to become overcome by hopelessness and commit suicide.

THAT is what a zombie game should be imo.