New echochrome ii screens released

Sony has released a new batch of screens for the upcoming Playstation 3 game, echochrome ii.

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LordMarius3103d ago

I didnt know this was Play.Create.Share as well, coolness

Cajun Chicken3103d ago

The original was! Also related; Cuboid also has a great level editor.

kingjoker343103d ago

I hope Sony does like a play create share game line up.
like where the have a whole series of games just dedicated to play create share. that would be cool

mmPete3103d ago

First off, I friggen love echochrome, but I ant help but feel that the second one has lost a lot of the "puzzle" aspect. The first one was 3D and required a lot more thought as to how to over come a barrier, but in the second one, all of the hard puzzl-y thinking part, is replaced with the ooOooOOOoo cool factor. But maybe I don't understand or know this game that well, is someone could kindly reply to thr post and tell me some strategy or obstacles in the game that doesn't require you to randomly move the move controller until you find a snake on the wall.

Briefcase Joe3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Only a few stages in echochrome were hard. There are 100 levels in echochrome ii. I'm sure the latter ones are just as hard as the ones in the first echochrome game. You can use the shadow to make holes that you can drop through and pads that you can bounce on. I'm sure there is more that you can do, just like the first game, but those are the only mechanics that I've seen so far.

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