GrE Review: ArmA II: Combined Operations

GrE writes, "I have been assigned the tough mission of reviewing Arma II: Combined Operations. This is a pack that contains ArmA II, as well as the new stand alone expansion, Operation Arrowhead. ArmA II bills itself as the most realistic war simulator on the planet. I have to admit that playing the game often feels like you’re going to war. It starts off with a long barrage of basic training missions that can be a grueling experience in and of itself. Once finished, you are sent off to battle, where the romanticism of war quickly fades and the harsh reality of what the game is quickly sets in. Even so, if you manage to hang in there and survive, the stories you will be able to tell are the kind that Hollywood movies are made of..."

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bgrundman3036d ago

This game sounds so complex that it made me yearn for my Xbox 360 controller.

roblef3036d ago

But hardcore PC gamers live for this type of game.

bgrundman3036d ago

Nobody likes a troll @crappleton.

starven3036d ago

Screw this. This sounds like a game of frustration not enjoyment

Pandamobile3036d ago

It's a combat simulation, not a Call of Duty game.

EvilBlackCat3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

"NO WAR GAME on console and PC can stand next to this game without saluting his high rank" - Evil Black Cat

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Neco5123036d ago

I'm usually all for killin fools, this time I think I might sit it out

roblef3036d ago

It really is a case of "complexity carpel tunnel" just waiting to happen, but is supposed to be tremendously rewarding if you put in the time.

Davedough3036d ago

If I had a PC capable of pushing anything beyond Diablo II, I might look at it =\

Tristanh823036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

You yearn for call of duty cause you are 12 years old, this is a mans simulator, boys not apply. This is a simulator not a game.

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