40° Rock Band 3 Live Stage Demo - E3 2010

I have a confession to make: I have never bought a Rock Band game. I’ve played them a whole hell of a lot. But with all the plastic addons: the drums, the guitars, the microphone stand, and so on it can get a might unwieldy. But there’s another, deeper, nagging reason why I’ve never bought a Rock Band game. It’s something that, until now, no one has been able to resolve.

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psman0123010d ago

I might end up picking this up... after all, I only have the Beatles Rock Band which is AWESOME! too bad you cant sync The Beatles' songs with RB3 though :(

Myst3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Wait you can't? You can't sync it with 2 then port it over? 2 is somewhat cheaper in some places now just get that and transport songs over I suppose would be the best route :/


Better yet you could rent RB2 when RB3 comes out if you can still find it and do it.

psman0123010d ago

No you cant... not even with RB2

DarkSideRob3010d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's an intellectual property rights nightmare between the Bealtes, Apple Records, and Harmonix where the Beatles don't want their music ending up in more places than where it was purchased...especially if they don't get paid extra for it.

Myst3010d ago

Oh wow that really sucks :(. Sorry I thought it would be available for all other releases. Really sucks that you can't play their songs on RB3 :/

BorisTI3010d ago

Part of it has to do with only having Beatles avatars singing Beatles music. It really isn't a "Rock Band" game per say... It's a Beatles Game by Rock Band.

BorisTI3010d ago

I might pick this up because I genuinely want to learn how to play the guitar, I just have motivation and time management issues.

DarkSideRob3010d ago

You and me both, brother.

TheEscapeMan3010d ago

I wonder what the price of the full bundle will be.