Exclusive: Microsoft to release $400 Halo: Reach Xbox 360

Ars:Looks like Microsoft is going to offer yet another flavor of its 360 hardware soon, as we've just gotten word from our ever-accurate Mole that there will be a Halo: Reach version of the newly slimmed-down Xbox 360. This hardware will be silver, not black, and feature Halo: Reach graphics.

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GWAVE3012d ago

Me want!

That way, I can keep it sealed for 12 months and sell it at double the price to rabid Halo fans.

bioshock12213012d ago

Is your life really this pathetic do you really have nothing else to do besides trolling every single Xbox 360 story.

Anyways this is a good deal a 250GB Silver Xbox 360 S with Halo Reach and two wireless Halo controllers for $400 not too bad.

blumatt3012d ago

It's not really a deal at all if you think about it. lol $299 for the 360 plus the game ($60) and another controller ($50). So, you save $10? lol Not really much of a "deal" is you ask me. I'm sure it'll sell like crazy tho since the word Halo is on it.

DuneBuggy3012d ago

Its actually saving around 30 bucks.
360S $299.00
+ $10.00 (Halo controller is 10 bucks more)
2nd Halo Controller $60.00
Halo Reach $60.00

$430.00 is what I come to.

AAACE53012d ago

Don't forget the new color and graphic designs.... that cost extra as well!

AngryFork3012d ago

When Sony releases a bundle with a hyped game, it stays 300$. When Microsoft does it, they bump it up 100$ just for a different faceplate.

And all the MS fans eat it up. Sad.

SOAD3012d ago

Extra controller, with game. It's a 10 dollar discount. It's a deal. Accept it.

AngryFork3012d ago

Point is you'll never see MS bundle Reach with a 360 for the same price as a 360, the way Sony did with Infamous/Uncharted. MS robs blind or adds something unnecessary (an extra controller) to pretend it's a good deal.

Cold 20003012d ago

Dude at the end of the day you're not paying more no matter what.

Whats your problem ?

SOAD3012d ago

His problem is that he put his helmet on too tight today.

soxfan20053012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

When has Sony ever released a bundle with a new game on day one for the same price as the console alone?

Dorwrath3012d ago

Thing is when Sony release a pack like Infamous one, all they do is change the packaging on the box and throw the game in that box with the same regular console.

With the Halo one here the console itself is Halo designed and most likely like the Halo 3 360 will be limited edition.

Your point may well be valid if MS did what Sony does and just repackages the box and throws the game in the box with the regular console, but thats not whats happened here.

jetlian3012d ago

about that matte mgs4 ps3?!!!

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SixZeroFour3012d ago

aw...that sucks, i want legendary edition of halo reach, but i also am looking to buy one of the new 360s, and i wouldnt mind getting this halo reach version

although, i could sell the reach copy in this AND my current 360 to my friend...guess i have to talk to him about it

Omega43012d ago

Silver slim eh, want pics now

SixZeroFour3012d ago

i think its to go with the silver reach controller

siyrobbo3012d ago

me too, the halo 3 console looked bloody awful

silvacrest3012d ago

400$ is kinda alot tbh...

SixZeroFour3012d ago

not if you break it down like this

360s (controller, 250gb hd, 360s console) - 300
extra controller - 50 (special reach edition - 60)
halo reach 60

keep in mind this comes with 2 reach edition controllers

theballa1130923012d ago

Well I get what their doing, the price is a little high for a bundle don't you think?

SixZeroFour3012d ago

cheaper than buying each thing separately

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