PALGN: Limbo Review

PALGN writes: "Before we start let's get one thing straight, Limbo shouldn't be judged against 2008's Braid. Sure, they're both 2D platform titles with a similar goal, but that's where the comparisons end. While Braid was awash with colour and revolved around time bending puzzles, Limbo is a much darker experience entirely. Critics often pray for an independent developer to create something special, and that's exactly what Playdead has managed to do. It's difficult to compare Limbo with any other game on current consoles. Ico for PlayStation 2 is just about the only example that springs to mind. Here's proof that you don't need the latest piece of technology to make a great game, you just need some creative spark and a vision. The Xbox Live Arcade is home to many gorgeous exclusive titles, most of which retail for less than a fifth of high profile releases. Now it has one more."

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