The Commodore 64 - my dream machine :-)

You always remember your first love. In the writers case it was the Commodore 64!

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Anon19743009d ago

"I still hum the music to games I haven’t played for 20 years"

:) I catch myself doing the same thing. For some reason, the main theme from M.U.L.E. get's stuck in my head every now and then.

I remember my parent's wouldn't buy me games. They'd buy me copies of Compute's Gazette magazine and I'd have to type in the games myself (or borrow games from friends). I spent many a rainy summer day going over game code, trying to figure out where my typo's were and hoping that this time, this time the game would start when I'd type RUN.

ProblemSolver3009d ago

The Cphi was my first computer, awesome machine -- no doubt about it, but my first love was the Amiga500.