PlayStation Move Press Tour - Pictures & Infos from Berlin

Sony is on Tour with PlayStation Move in Europe. Here are some Picture from Berlin yesterday and some Infos direct from the Event ... more through the link:

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Cecker3036d ago

yeah a lot of pics an infos, very nice :D

GWAVE3036d ago

Y'know, I don't want Move support for EVERY game, and I'm not even impressed by half of the games shown off for Move (Socercy? Not my thing.)

However, the other half of Move looks SIIIIICK. This thing is actually doing NEW stuff, not simply re-packaging motion controls or taking away a controller. I can't wait to use Move to make custom levels in'll take half the time.

Waldi3036d ago

Wow! It looks very cool, wanna have one!

Tailor-DKS3036d ago

I want such an event in my city too...i want to test move before i spent money for it...

Sneak-Out3036d ago

thats was very funny there, can´t wait for Move

jaredhart3036d ago

Looking forward to testing the move.

Spenok3035d ago

Looking forward to owning it. xD

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