Kinect Still Cheapest for the Family, Most Expensive for Hardcore

From Kombo: After E3 we did a few charts comparing the price of three console's motion control experience. Now that we have all the finalized pricing information, we have decided to update the charts.

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Lord_Doggington3104d ago

Real hardcore gamers play EVERYTHING. They have every console, every peripheral, ever game.

They don't have friends.

So therefore, this article is correct. It is more expensive for one person to invest in Kinect then a family of people.

GWAVE3104d ago

I guess. A hardcore gamer tends to play a lot of games online, so I think they would (for example) only need one controller for Move or for the Wii. On the other hand, a family would want a Move controller for every person, so that could be three extra controllers.

However, what the article doesn't mention is that Kinect is cheaper because it is a fixed item. You will never need more than one Kinect, but as a consequence you will never have games for more than 2 players at a time. Will a family buy something knowing that the whole family actually CAN'T play together? I used to work at a video game store and I saw plenty of families buying a full 4-remote compliment to their Wii.

darthv723104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

i am a hardcore gamer. I earned that title years ago like many older gamers on this site. I own all the systems but that doesnt make you hardcore. I played all the games (well....a good majority anyway) but that doesnt make you hardcore.

What makes a hardcore gamer is their passion and dedication to the craft. You can still have friends, especially ones you can spend time gaming with. I think the term 'core' is being thrown around like 9's and 10' are to mediocre games.

People call themselves 'core' because of the hardcore nature of the game they play but that is just core by association. Any REAL gamer that has been playing games since the 70's has earned the right to be called 'core' because they have seen the highs and lows of what this industry has offered.

I know that sounds cheesy but imagine kevin butler saying it with his chest puffed out like he did at sony's e3.

Oh and to own everything including games and peripherals doesnt make you makes you a collector. I am a hardcore collector that still likes to play.

IdleLeeSiuLung3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I played plenty of Wii games that only support one player at a time (Mario Party) or even two active players while we took turns like (Wii Sports Resort Fencing) out of the group of people.

Casual games tend to be a social experience of people watching some people play and then take turns.

I don't remember ever playing a game with three people simultaneously, although I know they exist (Wii Sports Tennis), but my guess is it isn't that frequent. With that said, you still need 3 controllers setup to play 3 player Mario Party for some reason... which technically isn't needed.

Lord_Doggington3104d ago

It's pretty much semantics at this point...

ChickeyCantor3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

"What makes a hardcore gamer is their passion and dedication to the craft"

Meh, Hardcore just indicates you like to play games allot.
Playing Tetris till you have 999 lines is hardcore.
Not 10 minutes of killzone2 .

I rather be called a Casual gamer, i mean if you read what kind of types associate themselves with "Hardcore"...Thanks but no thanks.

IdleLeeSiuLung3104d ago

"I rather be called a Casual gamer, i mean if you read what kind of types associate themselves with "Hardcore"...Thanks but no thanks."

Well said! I'm with you on that one!!!

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tinybigman3104d ago

And I don't buy crap. That means shovelware and tech that's useless to me.

So kinect will not see my $$$$$$ it has nothing of value for me, move on the other hand does as it works with core games.

colonel1793104d ago

Wii Remote: $49.99
Nunchuck: $19.99

For 2 People: (The Wii includes 1 Wii Remote and 1 Nunchuck)
Wii Remote: $49.99
Nunchuck: $19.99
Total: $69.98

For 4 People: (The Wii includes 1 Wii Remote and 1 Nunchuck)
Wii Remote x3: $149.97
Nunchuck x3: $59.97
Total: $209.94

Starting Kit: $99.99 (Includes: 1 Move, 1 PSEye, 1 Game)
Move: $49.99
Navigator:$ 29.99

For 2 People:
Starting Kit: $99.99
Move: $49.99
Navigator x2 (Optional): $59.98
Total: $209.96/$149.98 (w/o Nav)
Total having PSEye already: $159.96/$99.98 (w/o Nav)

For 4 People:
Starting Kit: $99.99
Move x3: $149.97
Navigator x4 (Optional): $119.96
Total: 369.92/249.97 (w/o Nav)
Total having PSEye already: $319.92/$199.96 (w/o Nav)

Xbox 360
Kinect: $149.99 (As of Today)

For 2 People:
Kinect: $149.99 (As of Today)
Total: $149.99

For 4 People*:
Kinect: $149.99
Second Xbox360 (Arcade): $149.99
Second Kinect: $149.99
Total: $449.97
*You can´t have 4 players with Natal

tinybigman3104d ago

so all i need is the move which is 50 and maybe the navi 30. so i'll either pay 50/80. my friends will have to bring their own remote over to my place if they want to game.

in the end the move comes out cheaper for me with games i want to play; while kinect doesn't offer me anything of value.

darthv723104d ago

much like with the kinect, move has limitations as well when it comes to the number of simultaneous move/nav controllers. 2/2 simultaneous if i recall. Kinect limits 2 active players with a max of 6 players.

I am sure both ms and sony will find ways to go around those limitations. For example, sony could find a way to tether the nav to the same BT channel as the move controller. Almost making it act like the wiimote-chuck but without the cord.

I am guessing the current kinect fw/software is keeping it set at 2 active to start. Over time they could refine the software to add additional active players depending on the game.

IdleLeeSiuLung3104d ago

Brings up a very good point.

PS Move only supports up to 4 controllers regardless of combination of wand and navigator (sub-controller) i.e. 2 wands + 2 navigators or 4 wands.


Cueil3104d ago

the PS3 supports up to 7 blue tooth devices as a max... so they would need to share channels if that is even possible... I'm no expert on BT

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Christopher3104d ago

Wait... they price the Wii and PS3 with the need to use 4 controllers for 4 players when Kinect only allows 2 players?

Headshot813104d ago

"Kinect=2player, no i mean 4 players, no i actually mean you could have 5 players with Kinect", Really?? There's not enough space for more than one player in my home, unless i open the window and play outside(sarcasm). I would imagine this will be a common factor when considering motion controls.

Agent-863104d ago

So, Kinect is most expensive option for the hardcore gamer. It also happens to have the worst value for them, as well, since there don't seem to be any hardcore games for it. Don't really get MS strategy here. The Kinect seems to be priced like an accessory for the Hardcore, but with little appeal to them. It also seems kind of too expensive for the Casual Gamer, but the games are geared to them.

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piratesyar3104d ago

The 3 move controllers price doesn't account for the 3 sub controllers that would be required - or the other move controller that would be required for a two-player game that requires to bulbs per person (the fighting game, for example).

One gamer on a move will cost $80, while 3 could cost as much as $240 (or even $300), just in controllers.

sinncross3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Except that the navigation controllers ARE NOT REQUIRED.

You can use a dualshock3/ sixaxis instead if the price does get too much for you.

Also I'd point out that the 3 extra move controller price is categorised as EXTRA after getting the first with the bundle, as stated by the diagram. That is 4 move controllers in total: not 3 as you claimed. Hence, a 2 player game requiring 2 bulbs per person is factored in already.

randomwiz3104d ago

i dont think many people realize the dualshock could be used as a navigation controller.

I only learned this recently.

mrv3213104d ago

3 players? How much would that cost to do on Kinect? Well you'd need a new Kinect so that's $300 ON TOP!

absolutecarnage3104d ago

Show me one ps3 move game where 4 players can play at once, i bet you you can't

fuckoffodion3104d ago

Show me a kinect game that can do 4 at once, I bet YOU can't.

trounbyfire3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

there is a party game with four people playing at once but sony gas not released it yet. you can play two at a time just like with kinect ( TAKE TURNS) otherwise you need two 360's snd kinects

Sevir043104d ago

the volley ball game supports up to for players. and the PSeye can track 4 move wands. I cant say the same thing about kinect sports.

mrv3213104d ago

In THEORY there's a limit of 7 players but what would the specs of the playstation and move prove anyway?


Some Move games may just use the MOVE CONTROLLER, I can easily see a 4 player shoot em' up

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sikbeta3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Move Bundle = $100:

·Move Controller

Navigator = $30 -> can be replaced with the DualShock 3

Another Move = $50 -> as far as I know, there are only 2 games that need 2 Move Controllers at the same time: Archery and Motion Fighters, the Archery game comes in Sport Champions, so that's only 1 Game and Motion Fighters is not in the Sport Champions I think, anyways, it's not a Big Deal


"Kinect Still Cheapest for the Family"

-> x360 arcade + kinect bundle = $300
-> another add-on = $150
-> $450

"Most Expensive for Hardcore"

-> kinect add-on = $150 / -> $150 for x360 owners
-> x360 250Gb = $300
-> $450

yeah, cos hardcore gamers are going to pay $150 for this device and $60 per game just for the achievements, right?

kinect is not for gamers, leave alone the hardcore gamers, it's fully aimed to the casual, even major nelson was cheering gamers to buy casual-kinect games just for achievements...

ballsofsteel3104d ago

wait from my understanding kinect only supports 2 player. was that just a rumor or something?

Sevir043104d ago

and you need to stand up to play it, you cant sit down and you also need 6ft of space to play it. all these extra requirements for something that should be so simple and easy to use.

Cueil3104d ago

Don't go spreading rumors as facts... the limitations you speak of are software bound at the moment and have nothing to do with the actual hardware

SuperStrokey11233104d ago

How can some one say 300 bucks is cheaper than 200 bucks? Makes no sense at all.

trounbyfire3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

move bundle + another move = 150
( that takes care of multiple people for the same price as kinect )

move bundle = $100
(for the guy that plays alone)

game + Move = $90
(if you have the ps eye already)

thats it its simple so stop the BS and get your head out of microsoft's ass. YOU DON'T NEED THE NAV

how many times do i have to say it. i am tired of the BS also Move games are the cheepest right @ $40. WII and kinect are $50 but no one talks about that

Motorola3104d ago

good point. Off topic: sixaxis backwards is sixaxis :D

homer3104d ago

Since I am left handed, if I use a dualshock controller as the nav, can I move the right joystick to move my character instead of aim.

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