The PlayStation Move: Misguided and Confused

Bryan Rouse tries to figure out what Sony's strategy is for the Move.

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SupaGamer3009d ago

Someone didn't like the move.

happyface3009d ago

MOVE will be just as big a success as the PSP GO!

Spawn-KING3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

KINECT will be just as big a success as Windows Vista and Zune!

Sarcasim =/

sikbeta3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )


No! kinect will be just as big as kin


"Bryan Rouse [tries to figure out] what Sony's strategy is for the Move"

Hmmm... If at this point you don't get it, better quit...

GWAVE3009d ago

I hope the Move does well.

From a purely objective standpoint (based on tech demos, hands-on experience, etc), it is clear that Move is the most accurate motion-based controller on the console market. It can do more than the Wiimote, and it can certainly do more than Kinect.

And it is being supported by core 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party studios, so when Move launches I can play real games, not yet another motion-based bowling game.

ExplosionSauce3009d ago

I think Move is doing things right, when it comes to the tech and games.

sikbeta3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

PlayStation Move is Here to Stay, it works flawless with any kind of game, it'll bring more Genres that didn't work as good with the normal controller, like RTS Games, its precision is Great, the Support for Move is Great and it'll have innovative games that can't be played as well without Move, like

DigitalRaptor3009d ago

How people think Kinect is at all better than Move is beyond me.

Cevapi883009d ago

well played....well played good sir

xxLuckyStrike3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Its the Wii HD...

Finally four years down the line Sony has decided to dust the cob webs off of Move and release it right. Instant success. Now, the only problem is trying to figure out what Nintendo has coming next...but Sony is probably already working on that...Right!!!

claterz3009d ago

Well i'd rather Sony spend time on their hardware to get rid of the problems way before release, rather than releasing hardware that is going to fail, you know like the Xbox 360.

xxLuckyStrike3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

you would never have see Move if the Wii hadnt been as successful as it has been. The same goes for Kinect. Though M$ is going out on a limb with that device..very risky!!!

Kinect- Risky

PSMove- WiiHD

Might be to late for PSMove. A similar product called the Wii, has been on the market for nearly 4 years. Nothing more to offer other that slightly better accuracy and a few hardcore games that will look good.

Kinect though not as accurate as Move, looks futuristic and new. No controller is required and you can talk to it. Joe Shhmoe is gonna eat that up. Not to mention the $299 Kinect bundle will sell like Hotcakes or Ramen Noodles, depending on where you are.


Seems like Sony is hoping that their core install base will buy Move and also hope to draw in a few new comsumers with it. Where Microsoft is going soley for the causal market with kinect(what a stupid name) and could care less if their core install base picks one up.

claterz3009d ago

I see your main point for defending Kinect is that it's new, and i'm not gonna start going on about Kinect being an Eyetoy clone because it's not. But just because it's new tech doesn't mean they are brave or doing a better job than anyone else, you can see from the Kinect videos that the tech just isn't ready yet. The concept of controlling games via full body motion control is insane, but that's all it is at the moment, just a concept. That's how Microsoft will market Kinect, they will tell people that it's a revolution in gaming, people will believe them and go out and buy it. Sony on the other hand have done it differently and taken a small but rather important step in motion gaming, precision is the most important part of being immersed into a game, especially when you're using motion controls. Once we have a camera that can track full body movements precisely, then we can get rid of the control all together and start actually gaming without a controller, not swinging our arms around playing casual games.

moparful993008d ago

Stop calling it a wii hd.. Its clearly more then just an hd mock up of the wii.. Move has advantages that place it above and beyond that of the wii.. First of all the amount of power on tap with the ps3 will allow for games that wii gamers dream of. Add to that the fact that move is more precise with true 1:1 tracking as well as depth of field sensing and you have a level of emersion that just isnt possible on the wii... Kinect is one of those ideas that sounds fantastic but in practice so far has been a big let down.. Microsoft cant seem to deliver on the promises of last year's e3 while making it cost effective. So that technology is still a few years from being implemented properly. There's a reason that sony and nintendo both turned down the tech behind kinect years ago..

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