THQ: 'We can't afford to bring mediocre games to market anymore'

THQ's Global Publishing Executive VP Ian Curran has said that the firm "can't afford anymore to bring mediocre games to market", adding that "you're either best in class, or you die".

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NYC_Gamer3009d ago

hmmm....what about those smackdown vs raw games

rockleex3009d ago

Come on it was obvious that in the previous generations it took less money to create a mediocre game and even if you get mediocre sales, you'll most likely make a profit or at least survive.

This generation the costs of game development has gone up considerably with the introduction of HD.

Not only that, the prices of games have gone up also.

Why would I spend $60 on a mediocre game when I can save it for an awesome game?

AAACE53008d ago

They are just now realizing this? Better late than never I guess...

MisterNiwa3009d ago

Didnt they just announce another Marvel Game that isnt good because it doesnt end with "Vs. Capcom" ?

THQ, how dare you to lie in our faces.

theballa1130923009d ago

I seriously think those smackdown vs raw games are not as fun as they were last gen.

jaredhart3009d ago

Took them long enough to figure that out.

DlocDaBudSmoka3009d ago

it should have been their first line of thought.

dizzleK3009d ago

you can release them but just don't charge AAA prices for them, same for all companies.

Alos883009d ago

After Red Faction Guerilla, Saints Row 2, Darksiders and Metro 2033 I'd say THQ has upped their game of late.

yog-sothot3009d ago

sure, but for me their true gem is Dawn of War 2

Alos883009d ago

Haven't played it yet, it's in my Steam backlog.

jagstatboy3009d ago

totally agree with Darksiders...haven't played the others.

schlanz3009d ago

I'm currently playing Darksiders after a pretty long hiatus from it. It's alright. There are parts of the game that are cool but its just too... samey. I've experienced everything this game has to offer before.. not that it's a terribly bad thing, but there just don't seem to be any genuine "Oh, wow!" moments because of that. I do appreciate the art style though and the story is pretty good.

jagstatboy3008d ago

the main reason I got Darksiders was for the art style.

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The story is too old to be commented.