Game Revolution: Limbo Review

Game Revolution writes: "Bubble, bubble, boy in trouble—a presentational broth of Out of This World, seasoned with the low-key strangeness of Braid, and a perfectly-reasonable portion of nychtophobia; tear a page from the Blair Witch's "Guide to the Woods" and swallow it; liberally stir in Essence of Gashlycrumb Tinies to taste = OMFG." Limbo is a downloadable cauldron-recipe for a jaw-dropping, indie-games stunner. It's also one of the relatively few games about which one can honestly say this: 'It's almost as fun to watch others playing as it is to play it yourself.'"

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Lord_Doggington3012d ago

Playing this now... I dunno. It's nice and all, but I think it might be a bit overrated. Two buttons for the whole game. It's just a normal side scrolling platformer. I'm only 2 hrs in, so maybe it gets better. Part of me kinda wishes I passed...