Tour Enedwaith with new Lord of the Rings Online screenshots

Turbine has released a new set of screen shots for the upcoming version of Lord of the Rings Online.

The screens depict Enedwaith, the new area in which the epic quest Volume 3, Book 2 takes place.

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Queasy3106d ago

This is free to play now, right?

killyourfm3106d ago

IS it? If so, I may have to queue up a download!

CrAppleton3106d ago

seriously! I didn't know that

Beefstew4u3106d ago

Not quite f2p yet. It will be when the new Enedwaith update comes out in the fall though. Shadows of Angmar (lvl 1-50) will all be free.

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CrAppleton3106d ago

Looks amazing! I can't wait to DL it

3105d ago