Console Gamers Get Killed against PC Gamers

Rahul Sood founder of Voodoo PC: I never thought I would be more disappointed in the industry then when Microsoft killed Ensemble Studios. ..however nothing surprises me anymore :)

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SupaGamer3063d ago

Everyone knows that console players cant't compete in FPS because a mouse gives such an advantage over a controller.

talltony3063d ago

It is just the mouse and keyboard advantage. PERIOD!

KingKiff3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

That is your opinion but I feel it is incorrect.

It takes a lot more skill to use a M/KB but the reward for training on a M/KB is in the end a much greater accuracy control over your game.

Just think like this, if a controller was better then why do nearly all console FPS have some sort of aim assist or auto aim feature? It is because the controllers are more restrictive and harder to use as efficiently and accurately as a M/KB.

I do feel that controls have their place for platformers and racing games but for everything else M/KB FTW!

talltony3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Neither one takes more skill. I know pc gamers who just can't use a controller cause they think it's too hard and vice versa. It's what your used to and what comes naturally.

darkmurder3062d ago

Pfft are you retarded? Go play CS and get a kill in that and then say its 'not more skill'.

evrfighter3062d ago

console gamers will never get better when all there is too choose from are other horrible console gamers.

This is another big pro for dedicated servers. Some years back I'd only join one cs server where the well known cs teams played. If you were a newb you'd be kicked. Simple as that.

:D I got kicked all the time from that server before I started playing competitively.

Those players forced me to get good or get kicked. It wasn't long before I was in the positive k/d wise but I took quite a beating to get there.

talltony3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

and no i cannot play with a mouse a keyboard and that is because I am not a pc gamer just like my friends cant play with a controller because they are not console gamers. Cant believe how ignorant you sound. What ever you are brought up doing that is what you are good at. If I was always always a competive PC gamer I would probally loathe a controller. ITS NOT ABOUT SKILL ITS ABOUT PREFERANCE!

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Poseidon3063d ago

best combination is pc/ps3. you get uncharted 2, ds, ms, mgs4, mspr, pc you get fallout 2, 3 warcraft, starcraft, postal, aion, wow, and many more games.

pippoppow3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Most gens, I usually game on at least 2 platforms. I may miss out on a good game or 2 but find usually 2 platforms more than fulfill my needs. This gen the PS3+PC are the best combo. If getting the absolute best multi-platform titles are a must then the PC version will do and If exclusives are a top priority, a PS3 will do nicely. Also the PS3 having Move fill in as a Wii upgrade for those into motion controls.

PoSTedUP3063d ago

my two platforms this gen are ps3 and psp. psp you get to play some great exclusives/new installments and even sequels to your favorite franchises.

if your a playstation fan you shouldnt miss out on what the psp has to offer.

edhe3062d ago

That's if you like those games, of course.

HDgamer3063d ago

Not a fact just an opinion and preference.

VonAlbrecht3063d ago

Actually it has nothing to do with the mouse and keyboard. A competent PC gamer will dominate console gamers on consoles like it's going out of style.

Trust me on this one.

ImmortalLegend3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I recall whipping PC players asses in Shadowrun on 360. I even got the "Mine Is The Superior Platform" achievement within a few days which a lot of people didn't even get on 360. So does that make me more skilled or what?

evrfighter3062d ago

lol im a pc gamer but wtf is a shadowrun?

edhe3062d ago

lol a pc gamer that can't google.

sid4gamerfreak3063d ago

Mouse and keyboard pwns all...

Its good to play a game with precise controls...

Spenok3061d ago

It all depends on personal preference.

Playerz83062d ago

Ya but PC gamers are take that and shove it.

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Also PC gamers have alot more experience over their much younger XBOX counterparts.

jaredhart3063d ago

I don't age has much to do with it.

RememberThe3573063d ago

The input device is the most prevalent issue. Age and experience is a secondary issue. The mouse is just more accurate. That is why I like a little auto aim in my console shooter.

KingKiff3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I think age has plenty to do with it.

Most 360/PS3 owners are kids. Less PS3 owner are kids than 360 owners due to price again as parents don't want to pay extra for little Johny's gameboy.

Nearly all PC users are adults.

Due mostly to the cost factor.

Adults in gaming > kids in gaming, any day

I get so tired of kids on Live/PSN with their fowl mouths, or the kids who just rap into their mic's constantly.

EDIT: dchalfont lol... Damn google tool bar doesn't correct my grammar, I am between appointments at work so rush typing doesn't help. COCKADODDLEDOO! lol.

Agreed they are out there but generally there are a lot less on the PC.

alphakennybody3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

but the ones here can't act like one.

edit :"I get so tired of kids on Live/PSN with their fowl mouths, or the kids who just rap into their mic's constantly"
I've played many online games on psn and probably the only time I heard a little foul mouthed kid was in MAG and even then he was shut before the game started.

Nihilism3063d ago

"fowl mouths"

Like this?. Sorry it was a funny spelling mistake...

L4D PC is infested with 14 year old a$$holes too. I know that can be avoided by joining dedicated servers etc...but there are little $#!+s on all platforms.

distorted_reality3063d ago

I agree that there is more than likely a significant difference in the average age of console and PC users, but I don't think it has any real meaning in this debate. The best FPS gamers i've ever seen tend to be from say 16-25, mainly due to reaction times and time spent playing.

When it comes to RTS and other genre's, the older may have it easier in terms of it being an dis/advantage, but even so I think the controller issue is a much bigger advantage than any advantage gained from being older/younger.

GOW3fan3063d ago

HDTV(depends what size) + PS3/360 + games= 1200
Gaming laptop= good ones for 1200 or less

distorted_reality3063d ago

Always feel sorry for people who spend money on "gaming" laptops. Admittedly they are getting better, but still aren't worth the money people fork out imo.

Chris_TC3062d ago

The thought of a laptop bought for gaming makes me cringe.

ZeroX98763063d ago

don't forget that the size depend, and if you get a hdtv a size just like for your pc then a 22 inch 1080p with hdmi and DVI cost like 220$ CDN dollars. So buying a good monitor do for both pc and ps3/360

Agent-863063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

@Zero, you can also go even bigger. I have a 40" LCD HDTV for my PC and PS3 in my bedroom. They are really cheap nowadays. I got mine at BestBuy for $500 with 18 mos. free interest (with tax and recycle fee, it works out to about $31 a month or around a $1 a day). Just a dollar a day to play some 1080p gaming goodness!

Its so nice having a PC and console attached to the same monitor, switching between the two with ease. If a 40" is too big or too expensive, you can pick up a 32" for around $350. However, most 32" HDTV's are at the 720p (still great for gaming, though).

@GOW3fan, for $1200, I got a decent gaming PC ($400), plus PS3 ($300), and a LCD HDTV ($500). Of course, that doesn't include games, but I also didn't buy them all at once.

VonAlbrecht3063d ago

It's true. Most of us have been playing FPS games since Doom and Quake. Not to mention, since consoles are more accessible than PCs, the bar is lower therefore those who otherwise would not consider themselves dedicated to gaming can obtain one without much difficulty.

Personally, I don't like playing console shooters online unless I need an ego boost, it's almost too easy, especially when most players are absolutely lost without some kind of auto aim. It's a good decision to kill the cross platform, imo, because alot of console gamers would give up.

Nugundam00793063d ago

Ive been playing Since Wolfenstein and Terminal Terror-than i moved to console XD

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