Lusting After Alienware’s M11xR

"Alienware recently released a revision of the M11x, 11.6” gaming “netbook.” The updated model, M11xR2, features a more powerful Intel i5 or i7 processor, as well as NVidia’s latest Optimus technology. The old M11x is being liquidated at many retailers, which begs the question - which model is right for you?"

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Caspel3063d ago

I need to upgrade my laptop soon and a gaming one should be in my sights.

nycredude3063d ago

Get this beast...

Asus G73jh-a1

Plays just about everything at 1080p on high and max on most.

rezznik3063d ago

I have an R1...ALRIGHT!~

OhReginald3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

looks expensive.

Apollyn3063d ago

alienware are rather over priced there ok but i prefer desktops any day of the week

Johnny_Cojones3063d ago

I guess if you're a dedicated gamer who travels so much that they rarely game at home, this makes sense. Personally, I can't relax enough to really get into a video game when I'm traveling. Also, for that kind of money you can build a far superior desktop. Admittedly, enough power to play Metro 2033 on a laptop is very cool.

barefootgamer3063d ago

Looks nice... and expensive.

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