Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - New Details revealed has posted up today a large batch of information on Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which is the latest racer from EA. There will be not any load times during the game - more through the link.

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Cecker3036d ago

Yeah the infos are really hot, looking forward for this game!!

gamelova3036d ago

I am looking forward to this game, but its not a day one purchase. It comes two weeks after GT5. Talk about bad timing. Still though, the game looks and sounds awesome. I wish it came out during this long summer drought.

Danja3036d ago

Sorry but this game is day one purchase for me...Its made by Criterion and its a Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit game one of the best and most fun racers back on the PS2 and its being made by one of the best arcade racing devs.

its gonna offer a complete different experience to GT5 ...

beavis4play3036d ago

NfS:HP on ps2 was great fun. i was addicted to it. i'll be picking this up on day 1.

germandude3036d ago

agree, no load times and many miles :)

Shani3036d ago

cinematic introductions.. awesome..
Not day 1 but definite buy for me.


Hope they can intergrate some kind of free roam or challenges like burnout paradise. Something like seperate challenges for cops and the robbers :)

Tailor-DKS3036d ago

I think a demo for the game is sure, cause ea does it. ;)

and criterion as developer ist verry well :D

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The story is too old to be commented.