Dead Space 2 control scheme for PS3 revealed

The media got a chance to play the latest build of Dead Space 2 at EA's Studio Showcase event recently. Here's the full control scheme revealed for the first time to the anticipated sequel to Dead Space.

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raztad3106d ago

Give me DS2 with MOVE and it will be day one. Otherwise I'll get it when it drop in price. Dead Space, overall, is the best horror franchise this gen but I'm not that of a fan so I can wait.

blumatt3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I still think it's awesome we get Extraction for free. lol If you've got both 360 and PS3, you'd be dumb not to get the PS3 version. I'm so glad to see Sony supporting hardcore gamers by implementing the Move in all these hardcore titles like this, Socom 4, LBP2, etc.
Off topic here, but did anyone else hear that you can use a keyboard and mouse to build levels in LBP2?? That's going to make it soooo much easier to build levels! I'm very excited for that game.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Agreed, Extraction being free with the PS3 version is awesome. It's pretty obvious which version is the better deal.

EA have been showing crazy amounts of love for the PS3. Good job EA, keep it up.

raztad3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I know about Extraction, but that one is on rails. I'll be getting the game anyway but I feel it is a wasted opportunity because DS2 could make very good use of MOVE.

I hope they fixed Foot Stomp. It was kinda inaccurate in DS1.

ian723106d ago

Would have thought they'd be the same as the first games controls for DS3.

Christopher3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

They are pretty much the exact same for what matters. They moved heal and stasis to different buttons and moved the inventory all to the d-pad and select button, otherwise unchanged.

Missing from the list is Kinesis and Zero-G Jump actions.

IrieMars3106d ago

I noticed that Isaac can now float while in zero gravity, I wonder if the controls will be different then.

Alos883106d ago

Looks like a nice familiar system, I might struggle with it a little since I'm planning on playing both games back to back.

CryofSilence3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

They're practically identical except for the increased emphasis on stasis/kinesis and healing/items. It'll just make it easier. You shouldn't have any problems. :)

BeaArthur3106d ago

Can't wait. Can I play extraction with a regular controller or will it require Move?

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The story is too old to be commented.