NVIDIA Surround Technology Performance Review

Hardocp puts NVIDIA’s multi-display Surround Technology to the test with GeForce GTX 480 SLI video cards in 3x1 Surround mode. This is great news for hardcore PC gamers and enthusiasts alike as it is the first competitor to AMD’s Eyefinity technology.

How does it stack up to the competition? What new features does it have to offer? Check out the full review over at Hardocp and find out.

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Tsar4ever013010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Strong graphic card and MAAADDDDDDDD expensive!! At least for now. I wonder if Sony decides to use Nvidia for their Playstation4 GPU, would it be a customized version of THIS GTX-480 SLI card? And also I HOPE sony decides to use IBM's new Power7 multicore as it's CPU, Just imagine, With these 2 chips working together...MAN, Now that's POWER!!! John Carmack & Gabe Newell would both cum on themselves at this combination.