Nintendo Wii 2 Could Effectively Eliminate Sony or Microsoft

J Lynch "Launching new peripherals, especially expensive ones, requires long term support in order to avoid ticking off early adopters and dividing your fanbase. If the next Nintendo console launches in time for the holiday 2011 season or even 2012, this will force the hand of the other two companies thus fracturing the consumer following between those who did buy the expensive peripheral and those who didn’t."

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vgn243013d ago

But if it was either one, it would obviously be Microsoft because their investors are already complaining about the low profit margins of the entertainment division

Agent_Cody_Banks3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Sony is barely clinging to life right now. A few more heavy swings from Nintendo will be all it takes to knock Sony out of the video game industry permanently.

3013d ago
Max Power3013d ago

Don't forget the recent purchase of Media Molecule would have been a waste of money, as well as the other 20+ developers they own.


Fanboy of the day award goes to?


ts been selling more than the 360 since launch? I think thats a bullet point for sony fanboys. The thing is though, the console just started making money not even a month ago. You can sell a billion of them, but whats the point if you're not making a cent on them. I know its past tense, but believe it or not, 3-4 weeks ago being in the red isn't anything to write home about, lol.

N4BmpS3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Grave robbers, that's not true, their gaming division, contrary to popular and at most times ignorant belief is still doing fine primarily because they still have 3 devices on the market, albeit 2 are dying slowly. I don't understand how 11 people agreed with that.

Argento-Nox3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

@Grave Robbers + iFLOWLIKEWATER

The PS2 lost quite a bit of money before the slim came out during last gen as well. A point both of you seem to be missing is the fact that Sony's home consoles have helped pushed the media disc they used into the forefront for other areas of entertainment like movies and music.

PS1 pushed the CD format, PS2 pushed the DVD format and now the PS3 is pushing the blu-ray format. I think most people would agree that they prefer owning actual media disc (DVD's, blu-rays) for their games. HD and 3D gaming is moving forward and DVD isn't going to cut it next gen.

Another thing that I'd like to point out is that PSN+ will eventually help improve Sony's online play capabilities to something similar to xbox live. I highly doubt next gen that MS will be able to tout live over PSN, since by then both will be comparible to the other at the start of the next gen consoles.

MS has improved this gen, but thinking they're invincible just b/c of xbow live is pushing it. May I remind the Sony naysayers that MS has also failed when it comes to hardware ---> Zune and Kin. MS's dominance has never been in entertainment, it's been software (MS office, Windows) where they make their profits.

Theonetheonly3010d ago

ANYONE considered how unhealthy it is to practically worship a CORPORATION.

"spoon feed the sheep they love us" - Corporate exec

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GWAVE3013d ago

Eliminate Mircosoft? Sure, but Microsoft is pretty much eliminating itself at this point.

Sony, on the other hand? Sorry, but they have the two highest-selling consoles in history, one of which is still selling and still getting new games. They also have a handheld system with nearly 60 million units sold. And the PS3 is going as strong as ever and won't vanish for at least another 5 years.

sikbeta3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

The wii2 will eliminate nothing, people still thinking about the possibility of generation in which nothing changed and that's stupid, the great success of the wii is based on motion-control gaming, something the next gen will not be as "WOW" this gen was/is cos it's "wow" factor is not a factor anymore and cos other companies are embracing this motion-control-tech...

a wii2 HD with motion control next gen, will be like a PS3 with motion control this gen, there is nothing "innovative" on that by that time (8th gen) and there will be no casuals going crazy for it

Nintendo is printing money right now, but that doesn't mean they'll print money next gen with the same old trick (motion-gaming), with the loads of money they print they could secure some Third Party Exclusivity, but it seems like they don't care about that and that's their limitation, focusing always in their first party games but don't giving a Damn about third party support

Sony on the other hand is ALL for third Party Support, something that drives the Industry in the Right Direction, Gaming Industry is not only about Console Manufacturers, Developers and Publisher are Really important, that's why they'll make sure to have the Best of both, First Party and Third Party Devs in order to appeal more consumers

Idk about MS, they're aiming to the casuals heavily way, but their motion device is showing flawed motion features and it seems like it can't work good with the few mini-games they were showing, It can't even think how bad it'll work with a more robust game that will need more processing power and such, also the device have lots of restrictions that make the things more difficult for the people to get into it, if can't be as easy to use as the wii, casuals will not see any appeal on it

This is for all the consoles manufacturers, there is no room for 2 casual consoles, not in this gen and not in the next one and there will be not alienation cos simply gaming will become more of the same crap with another brand on it and without variety everything would go downhill, we don't need another gaming debacle like the last one with Atari...

Mini Mario3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

"And the PS3 is going as strong as ever and won't vanish for at least another 5 years. "

5 years ?? Won't that be out dated last gen tech by then.

Something everybody complains about the wii the most. And you have 30 agrees, so people must not be worried about old tech as much as they make out.


nintendo have a nack for making simple fun. You remember simple fun dont you? Not thinking too much just picking up the controller and playing the game.

I dont remember CONSTANTLY installing and upgrading my nes to play a new game.

darkcharizard3013d ago

because each company is financially stable enough to release a new console. But if Nintendo wins the 8th Gen console war too, then either Sony or Microsoft will be eliminated from the console war.

But then again, nobody knows if at all there will be a 9th generation.

Max Power3013d ago

You also have to think when each company will release their system in the 8th generation. Sony already stated that Nintendo and Microsoft will come out well before the PS4.

The Great Melon3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

@Max Power

I wonder if it would be better for the companies to be out of sync in terms of console releases. I could see it working 10 years ago, but nowadays games cost so much to make that it would likely kill off a lot of the multiplatform games on consoles. I would think only companies that have a lot of 1st party support could survive in that environment, but ones without internal studios would make sure that never happens. Fun to think about.

Max Power3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Well for the most part I think Sony is doing it by design, I am fairly certain Sony is delaying the release of the PS4 due what happened at the start of the PS3 life cycle. So instead of releasing their system at a huge price point and weak line up, they are going to wait a bit for production costs to come down as well as give developers time to produce decent games that would be on par with what ever Microsofts new console will be able to do.

HolyOrangeCows3013d ago

"But if Nintendo wins the 8th Gen console war too, then either Sony or Microsoft will be eliminated from the console war" a company can't be profitable if they don't "win" the console warz?

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Anon19743013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

While Sony confirmed that the PS3 was profitable as a platform last August, PS3 sales have surged with no signs of slowing down. The blu-ray win was a huge boost, and the PS3 is at the forefront again pioneering in home 3D, and the entire division responsible is expected to return to profitability now that the Yen has settled down compared to the US$ and Euro.

Microsoft is in a very different position. With hardware clearly at the end of it's lifecycle, a gamble on motion control seems the only thing that could save them. Layoffs cut deep into the Xbox division, the heads have all been fired, unexpected losses due to poor quality control topped a billion, marketing has been slashed by $100 million and 360 console sales have 5 back to back quarters of year over year declines with software revenue falling and 3rd party development in decline - all according to Microsoft. Shareholders patience isn't infinite, and on top of the colossal losses the original Xbox suffered you have to wonder if there will be another Xbox after this.

Rob Enderle, principal analyst of the Enderle Group, referred to Microsoft's division responsible for the Xbox recently as a "vampire" whose "profit, which wasn't much, was massively offset by the economic cost it caused to the corporation."

jonlynch3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

One man leaves.


kennykramer3013d ago

I knew Tina Turner would come into play somehow. :)

Nugundam00793013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Will we ever get beyond the Thunderdome ?

Information Minister3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Sure thing, because all that matters now is who has the best waggl... eehhhrr... I mean motion controls. That's the console everyone will flock to. Hardcore games? Traditional controllers? Bah, that is so 1985! Motion controls will make all games better. And those people who bought 80 million Xbox 360 and PS3 systems over the last half decade? Yeah, they were just waiting for the motion controllers to arrive, they didn't do it for their love of hardcore gaming./s

I don't know about you guys, but I have no interest in arm waggling, leg flailing controls. The game's content is what matters to me, not the way I control it. And I'll keep buying products from the company that meets my hardcore gaming needs. In the foreseeable future, that company is Sony.

blind-reaper3013d ago

Nintendo isn't eating any part of Sony or MSFT's market share , Nintendo is grabing those segments ignored by the "traditional" gaming industry, so I don't see this happening, this article is pure BS.

The Wii barely grab any part of Sony market share MS in the other hand did eat a big part of Sony share (at least in America and in a lesser extent Europe)

xenovis3013d ago

Quit talking out of your ass:

"But if it was either one, it would obviously be Microsoft because their investors are already complaining about the low profit margins of the entertainment division"

BigPenguin3013d ago

What? I don't even...

Do you know that a company is made up of many smaller divisions? The game division is hemorrhaging money. The 360 makes a profit on every system sold, but there is more then just manufacturing costs for the 360. MS as a company is showing great profits, but its not because of the 360.

Its the same with Sony, yes they are finally making a profit on the PS3, selling for more then manufacturing, but their game division is still losing money. This however is offset completely if you look at their entertainment division, specifically the profit that blu-ray is currently bringing in. Which is directly because of the PS3 winning the format war(it was completely because of the PS3 that it won, especially how fast it won.) Sony is not worried about the games division, its why it is still expanding(they increased their manufacturing budget, and overall game division budget, because of move). MS game divison on the other hand is actually stagnant, they did not increase the budget for the games division for Kinect, they instead moved MORE of the money and talent away from their anemic first partys.

A company can be makeing money, and still have divisions doing very badly. MS, as a company, was not hit by the recession as much as Sony was(MS has way to many contracts, all they really lose out on is private OS sales), so enjoyed a brief period where Sony was floundering(Sony, the company, lost over 1.1 billion. Because they rely almost entirely on private sales of hardware for their main income). Instead of striking, MS moved money from the game division, which was doing just as bad as Sony, concentrating on where they were most profitable(remember all the studio closes MS did). Both are now, as company's, making profit.

Soooo, your dumb. Just... wow.

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Omega43013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

If they bring just an upgrade to the Wii mote then Move will be dead. The only way it could really hurt MS and Kinect is if Wii 2 can do controller-less gaming, and thats unlikely since Nintendo will likely want BC.

MS is lucky Kinect is so different from the Wii cause when Wii 2 comes Kinect will still offer a different experience.

GunShotEddy3013d ago

Kinect being original is it's biggest plus. move is pretty much Wii for PS3, so I see your point.

Optical_Matrix3013d ago

I fail to see how Kinect is original? It's not like controller free gaming hasn't been done before? Eye-Toy? PS-Eye? Kinect is just more accurate and tracks in 3-D space which I don't think PSEye can do but I can't be sure. It's just an improvement. Not original. Going by your logic, Move is original even though essentially it's a just vast improvement of the Wii Mote concept. But of course because it's not MS, it can't be original. I'm sitting here on a sunny afternoon amongst people who can only be described as fools.

bednet3013d ago

They already did, it's called Motion Plus and it tanked.

eagle213013d ago

Motion plus is already in 20 million homes on sales of Sports Resort and Wii bundles alone.

bednet3013d ago

And as you can see it sure killed MS and Sony...point made thank you very much.

eagle213013d ago

Your point was not made. I wonder if Move or Kinect will even sell 20 million combined. Your point was it "tanked", you got shut down by my comment. And when the 2011 Zelda hits, add 6 million plus more to that number. :)

homer3013d ago

Just because it did not"kill" Microsoft or Sony does not mean it "tanked". I bet Nintendo will sell more Wii motion pluses than Kinects. Maybe more than the move.

nycredude3013d ago


His point is that what Mega4 said is retarded, because they already have an improvement to the Wiimote, the Wii Motiion Plus and yet Move is NOT dead.

Omega4 do you even think before you post? Seriously you sound so uninformed. I hope all you fanboys aren't this dumb.

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raztad3013d ago

As I see it, Nintendo needs to come out with something as revolutionary as was Motion controllers 4 years ago, in order to stay competitive. A simple upgrade to HD or Motion Plus is definitely not enough. Why? because the PS3 + MOVE is positioning itself as the successor of the Wii in the long run.

The PS3 got everything going on for it. And when Wii2 comes out it will be playing catch up with a established console with many year of headstart.

blind-reaper3013d ago

"If they bring just an upgrade to the Wii mote then Move will be dead."

The move is the upgrade to the Wiimote...

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Spenok3012d ago

Nope. All 3 will be viable in the industry until one of them completely f's up.... which i dont see happening. Either that or 2 of them team up, which i ALSO dont see happening.

Vojkan3013d ago

the thing is when Nintendo releases new Wii it is going to be like current HD consoles on the market. So there is no WOW effect. Second motion gimmick worked once (no one expected it, including them), it wont work again especially when you have two other competitors doing the same. third developers will go towards Move (if wii 2 has move like controlls) because by then there are going to be millions of Move's on the market. Consoles of same power and probably 60 million PS3 on the market, so Wii 2 will fall flat on its face.
See Nintedo is in this cluster fuck situation. Their console is so outdated but they cant release new expensive one, since no one will migrate to it. So they have to wait couple of more years (at least 2013) and Wii just keeps on getting older and older.
In all of this Sony is the winner, it will take some time to realize it.

ebgeer3013d ago

If you think no one is going to jump on the Wii2 when it gets release you have to be crazy. I guarantee it would sell. But all in all, expect Ninty to do something crazy.

AWBrawler3013d ago

I'm betting Big N do something that leaves you scratching your head and wondering "what the heck?" Then as they explain the details you be like "WOW! For real?!"

Thats the way Wii worked, and Nintendo has been doing this strategy since the DS. DS = Touchscreen, Wii = Motion and VC, DSi = DSiware + cameras, 3DS = 3D, Better tag mode, analog slider, Console level games, accelerometers

So I'm sure Wii2 Yay! Yipee! Yes! On! or whatever they call it will have some new feature thats wildly japanese. Whether it catches on or not...... only time will tell

ChickeyCantor3013d ago

"the thing is when Nintendo releases new Wii it is going to be like current HD consoles on the market. So there is no WOW effect."

Thats like a retarded thing to say. Its about marketing, how you convince people. It doesn't have to be "wow". For all i know Ps3 and 360 have far better visual capability and this "wow" did nothing for the masses that Nintendo grabbed by the balls.

pipster173013d ago

I think its funny how you can see the future and know exactly what the next Nintendo console is going to be. Nintendo has been around a long time, I think they know a little bit more than you about product marketing and innovative technology.

I also think it is funny that you say that the console is outdated, yet people still continue to buy it and the things that have made it different, motion controls and games for 'casual' gamers, is what seems to be the focus of MS and Sony at the current time.

Nintendo always lags behind in innovative technology right? Motion controls, 3D handhelds, yep way behind. I bet you think no one will buy the 3DS too.