Top 10 innovative games

The phrase “It’s a game changer” is overused. But these 10 games could be described as such without fear of recrimination. Not now necessarily. Picking up a copy of Pong and declaring it “the future of video games” would be ridiculous.

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HeroXIV3063d ago

I had a prerequisit on approving this : if it didn't have Portal, no approval! Whaddaya know, it's first! :)

Good, varied, list.

retrovertigo3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I hate websites that have Top 10 lists spread out over 10 pages. C'mon people. Lame design - too many click throughs. No thank you.

nunley333063d ago

And in Nathan Drake, the franchise has a charming, witty figurehead who’s far superior to your standard, faceless space marine. (cough master chief) but don't really care if i ever play halo 3 and i own a 360,Maybe if a friend wants to play it with me and then i might try to get a cheap copy cause i'm sure it's good.

ebgeer3063d ago

...What I mean by this is that they have taken FPS to a different place. Almost. What I'd like to see is more First Person Shooters...minus the Shooters--Maybe like Mirror's Edge---same realm. Its probably the most immersive genre of game..but we are bombarded by Shooters instead of taking advantage of that immersion.

Dnied3063d ago

WTB filter on n4g :S

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