Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker Revealed

Ex: Two years ago, Commander Shepard died and Liara T'Soni fought in a desperate struggle against the Shadow Broker to recover her former Commander. Now that Shepard is back, it's time to even the score.

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CrAppleton3012d ago

I love that EA keeps giving us free DLC!

Queasy3012d ago

Yeah, they keep pumping them out like Sheppard pumps alien chicks.

Neco5123012d ago

Bahahaha! wait, I boned the human

Perjoss3012d ago

" don't matter, as long as its arcturian"

BeaArthur3012d ago

Free DLC? The first few were free but you have had to pay for the rest which will probably be the case with this one as well.

Megaton3012d ago

There hasn't been FREE DLC in months.

This does look good, though. Everyone's been clamoring for this storyline to be released as DLC.

bgrundman3012d ago

There has been hardly any free DLC for Mass Effect 2, but if this is free, I will be all over it.

Nihilism3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

What the hell are you on about....they have charged for 99.9999999999999999% of the DLC they have released, the only DLC that was free was Zaeed, and that was only with new game purchases as a way of screwing used game customers. AKA it was not actually free content, it was content they cut in order to coerce people into buying new. Same with the Shale DLC in Dragon Age, it was just DLC to screw over used customers and give the illusion of value.

They even charged for the alternate appearance pack which is just weak.

@betrayed gamer

"wrong the free dlc was zaeed, the hammerhead, and 1 or two guns and i think some armor"

No that was not FREE, that cost money, money in the form of the requirement of a COLLECTORS EDITION of the game, aka more coercion. Nothing is free and not 1 single piece of DLC in ME2 has been free. Like I said, it was known long before launch that Zaeed was in game...apon launch, not in game, instead it's DLC. I happen to have the collectors edition. But I paid $20 extra for it, so I certainly don't consider any of the cerberus network DLC free. That is the reason I bought the C.E, because I knew it would save me money on DLC later on, which I refuse to buy.

betrayed gamer3012d ago

wrong the free dlc was zaeed, the hammerhead, and 1 or two guns and i think some armor

Megaton3012d ago

- Zaeed
- Normandy Crash Site
- Cerberus weapon/armor
- Arc Projector
- Firewalker Pack.

That's what came "free" with the Cerberus Network, which did not require any collector's edition, just a new copy of the game.

Nihilism3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

""free" with the Cerberus Network"= Oxymoron, the cerberus network was $15 by itself or you have to buy the C.E, which cost $15 more...

I repeat; it was not free.

If you are claiming you did not have to pay for it you must have pirated the DLC, because like I said, you need the cerberus codes which did cost money. SO you had to pay for it one way or the other.


It seems you are right

*scratches head* so wtf is the point of the C.E....I thought it had DLC codes the standard edition did not....a


Yep bioware tricked me good, I payed $15 extra for the C.E...for 1 in game armour set...

Megaton3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

No, you did not need the collector's edition to get the Cerberus code. Whoever sold you on that got you good. All new standard versions of the game come with the code.

Edit - Collector's Edition did have codes for unique stuff, but it was just the Collector armor and assault rifle.

distorted_reality3012d ago

Yep, you're wrong on this one dchalfont.

The Cerberus code was given to every new version of the game, not just collectors/limited editions, and is still given with every new version of the game.

Cheeseknight283012d ago

Check up on your facts next time, dchalfont. I had borrowed and played through the entirety of the game, but then bought my own copy at KMart when it was on sale for $20, and it came with the Cerberus Code.

Every version of the game has always came with the Code. Even if you're paying next to nothing for the game.

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Christopher3012d ago

Finally! Hopefully we at least get a better hint at who is behind the Shadow Broker. I'm fairly certain this group will play a big role in the third game as well.

Independent_Charles3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

i traded mine in :'(

otherZinc3012d ago

I hope it release before Halo:Reach.

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TheLeprachaun3012d ago

More Mass Effect 2 DLC? Yes please!

NYC_Gamer3012d ago

they should just release one huge expansion

BeaArthur3012d ago

I agree. I would rather pay $50 or $60 for a whole lot of DLC instead constantly getting nickel and dimed. Especially since I'm not going to play it again until all the DLC is out so I can do one run through with everything.

Nihilism3012d ago


Expansions are old school. I'm sick of having to back up files so I don't have to re-download the suckers. Awakening was a breath of fresh air, expansion price tag 20-30hr game play, very much worth it. But the individual DLC's which collectively cost more...didn't offer anywhere near that amount of play time between them.

distorted_reality3012d ago

From the sounds of it they're planning on running DLC almost right up until ME3 hits, so I don't know if i'd leave it that long, there's already a tonne of stuff to play through.

BeaArthur3012d ago

I bet there will be an Awakening style DLC at some point that "bridges the gap". A $40 expansion to go along with everything else.

JumpNPlayBon3012d ago

Don't count on it bud. it's simple math, they can make MORE money by releasing small amounts of DLC than by releasing a big $50 DLC. There is no way they are going to kill the DLC cow until ME3 comes out and the cycle begins anew...

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criticalkare3012d ago

hell yeah! been waiting for this DLC :)

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