Evidence Regarding Resistance 3 Setting Revealed

"however, the online retailers’ description contains a hint that their description for the game is indeed real. In the past, Insomniac has used the “A” in Resistance’s titles to display a landmark from a location present within the game. The original Resistance: Fall of Man, meanwhile, featured London’s Big Ben, with Resistance 2 featuring San Francisco’s Bay Bridge. Resistance: Retribution for the PSP displayed Paris’ Eiffel Tower."

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FACTUAL evidence3010d ago

is overused, but I have yet to see it in a resistance game. Could be very awesome....could you imagine the final battle on statue of liberty? I don't care what you guys think, I think that would be freaking EPIC! Or fighing off Chimera on the brooklyn bridge....lmao...with uncharted 2 graphics? LMAo EPIC! I love resistance can't wait.

NothingToGainButLove3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

I submitted this a few hours ago and it was reported for being OLD info. wtflip?

On topic: I love this series and am really looking forward to this installment of the game.

SSKILLZ3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

yes i saw this last year i think , this billboard was on the movie set of some (unknown) movie that was being filmed by Sony/ Paramount studios.

Edit: the movie was said to release world wide 2011. just to let
people know

On Topic: Yes the resistance series is legit i love all the games
and have most collectible figures and i read Resistance: The Gathering Storm.

Downtown boogey3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

The billboard stuff IS old, but now there's something more to further enforce it's credibility.

LordMarius3010d ago

We known this since the Billboard appeared

user94220773010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

There is plenty of new information. Did you even read the article?

Thought so. No wonder guys like you have 1 bubble.

Focker-4203010d ago

New York City?!

:Bangs head against wall:

Sev3010d ago

Yeah, I have to agree. The NYC setting is way overused in video games. The fact Crysis 2 is set in NYC is going to hurt Resistance 3. Since Crysis 2 is an alien FPS and so is Resistance, everyone is going to think R3 copied C2.

table3010d ago

It will pretty much just be cloverfield the game.

RayRay363010d ago

You just blew my mind...

Pennywise3010d ago

PLEASE RELEASE!!! A year without IG games releasing a game feels empty. I LOVE the Resistance series... I have no doubt the third installment will blow the other two away.

Insomniac always releases a game in Oct or Nov. I have little doubt R3 is coming... I just hope they are not releasing it in 2011.

P1NKY3010d ago

Resistance has been a very good series so far. And the improvement from the first resistance to the second was huge. Can't wait to see what sort of improvements they have done with this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.