Goldeneye just a timed Wii exclusive? Set for PS3 & 360 in 2011?

Comments made by Activision GoldenEye producer Julian Widdows give hope that the upcoming GoldenEye is just a TIMED exclusive for the Wii. Speaking in an interview he stated that the Wii is the only place you can get a GoldenEye experience in 2010'. The key part of thise quote is the fact he said in 2010 which suggests that the game will also come to other platforms after this year is up.

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darkcharizard3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Never gonna happen. PS360 are getting BloodStone. Plus Activision has stressed on the fact that GoldenEye belongs to a Nintendo console.

himdeel3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

...because you can mark my words when I say that this game will die on the Wii console. I cannot see it doing very well from a sales perspective no matter what they say about it belonging to a Nintendo console. After it tanks on the Wii they will back peddle to say it belongs on every console AND the game will continue to see crappy sales.

SpoonyRedMage3063d ago

It could also be because it's not the first Goldeneye...?

oldjadedgamer3063d ago

I'd rather not have on the 360 or PS3. Yes it was good when it came out, but have you tried playing it now? Give me any recent FPS instead.

raptorjacob3063d ago

i still rep some perfect dark(almost the same as goldeneye) every now and then. i love it. give me some online fun with goldeneye!!

retrovertigo3063d ago

I really don't know why everybody was all a-buzz when Nintendo announced a Goldeneye remake. It looks like garbage, and FPS games have evolved so much since then. I think people are too caught up in the nostalgia.

wicko3063d ago

The game will still be fun just like Perfect Dark remake is, except this isn't a proper remake. I don't have any interest in playing this.

Cheeseknight283063d ago

Yeah I could care less about this. I mean I LOVED Goldeneye when it was cool, but now I'm just thinking why bother?

If I want to play Goldeneye... I'll just play it the original way.

iceman29293063d ago

The Rare version of it. When those screens were released how many years ago, I was pumped. make it a 10$ dl on XBL , with multiplayer, id buy it.

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The story is too old to be commented.