What's Wrong With Console Design?

In terms of hardware design, game consoles have lost their sense of identity, argues Eric-Jon Rossel-Waugh. Next-Gen takes a critical look at the history and current state of console design.

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Silent5397d ago

PS3 is one hell of a SEXY BEAST!!!

Dukester1015397d ago

I remember when the older consoles had the colorful controllers or consoles.

It was always fun to use the "blue" controller, or the "red" controller instead of the dull gray.

N64 had it right with the different colored consoles too- it made ya feel special having a different one than all your buddies.

jonathanmusto5397d ago

I must say, I agree with the comments on the XBox 360, looks like my old Dell PC at work. And the George Forman PS3.
But in fairness they are both packing some serious power, and doubling up as Entertainment Centers MP3/Movies/Photo's etc... All which the old consoles never had.
I think the Wii is nicest looking of the 3 by a long way and I love those drive bays! And the color options, I think my PS3 and 360 will be hidden away in my AV Cabinate while my Wii sits in pride of place next to the telly...

Aramis0015397d ago

I don't know about the Forman grill, but I love the concave shape of the 360. It to me. That along with a faceplate and I'm proud to show it off next to my HDTV.

achira5397d ago

to me the ps3 has far the best design. like a nice car, or a nice woman.

wakkiwakko5397d ago

a BBW :D Hahahahahaha. Bouncy Bouncy!

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The story is too old to be commented.