Who's the hottest female in videogame history?

You wonder who could possibly be hotter than the sexy girls from Dead or Alive? Find out in Cynamite's Top 10 list of the hottest female videogame characters! And: Find out more about the inexorable fate of Alyx, Samus Aran and many more.

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zootang3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Very True. Madison was hot in a girl next door way. Which is cool because you normally get the tomb raider/bayonetta types in games

Edit: @PSfan I like Elena but Chloe's ass!

SeanRL3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

I liked elena, because she seemed more real then the other plastic-boob styles girls.

Edit: I also have a thing for that Yuna girl from FF because she reminds me of Camilla belle, amirite?

PS360_373197d ago

Elena is just wow. Chloe is definitely more than a looker as well.

Blacktric3197d ago

Samus Aran. Without the armor of course.

Reibooi3197d ago

Well it's absolutely impossible to pick just one. I will say that out of characters that are more real in their design my number 1 is easily Elena from Uncharted 2.

outside of that however pretty much impossible to choose.

3197d ago
ExplosionSauce3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Kinda creepy, lol

[On topic]
Samus Aran w/o power suit :)

Legosz3197d ago

Dayum. These pixels are making me hard!

pustulio3197d ago

I fell in love with Lightning.


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badz1493197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

true that LOL! there's a quote from RvB that I like the most;

"women are like Voltron. The more you can hook up, the better it gets."

3197d ago
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