Sony’s New York City Preview: Move and More

Next up is another Move game and this one is for all ages and was awesome to sit back and watch it being played and that was Little Big Planet 2. Now who doesn’t love this game and if the Move where to sell you this would be the game to do it. Sackboy returns and is filled with new abilities for you to use and you will be able to Play, Create and Share full scale games. Lets not forget the new tools that you will be able to use. This game will be sure to please so if you are going to be buying the Move look for Little Big Planet 2 and see what you can customize as the possibilities are as endless and with just a little imagination you will Play, Share and Create levels for all to enjoy.

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AAACE53063d ago

Move should do really well, and LBP 2 along with it will be a perfect match!

Bigpappy3063d ago

I have never played it so. It looks casual, but some people see Mario as hardcore.

HelghastKid3063d ago

It looks casual but it def isnt, Beat every level without dying is not a casual trophy lol

Spenok3061d ago

No man, it was dificult. I just got the plat for this. xD

RememberThe3573063d ago

It's very intuitive but also very deep. I'm not a fan of the game, I just couldn't get into it. But it is very accessible but at he same time very deep.

Bigpappy3063d ago

There is a lot of hype around the game and I am curious as to why. The only way to truly know is to try it out. That's the type of gamer I am. This is why I love demo's. Part of what first made me pay for XBL was the free demo's. It was better that way than having to wait for 1 disk a month from Xbox mag. I bet some of you don't buy mags as much as you did before PSN got the demo's going. But yeah, I want to give LBP a try. It doesn't look like my type of game (because of the dolls and such), but I am open minded when it comes to games.

IneedWeed3063d ago

LBP 2, KZ3, Socom 4, Echocrome 2, Heavy Rain, PGA Tour 11, Sports Champ, and Sorcery, are games I want to buy on the PS Move. Sony should show off the PS Move at JC Penny's everywhere on US lol. The Kinect at Macy was crap.

tiamat53063d ago

Hmmm. So the sun could be a slight problem. No matter. My room doesn't let in sunlight towards my television anyway and I heard that it still works well in normal light. I am a little concerned about the Fight but since I have heard mixed reviews I will wait and see if it is good or not. Move rules!!!!!!!!

mirroredderorrim3063d ago

Sony. Doing it big in the BIG Apple.

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