Motorstorm Apocalypse: New Confirmations

3xG says: "Evolution Studios recently took part in a live chat over at the PS3 European Blog. The chat was quite interesting and revealed a few new concepts arriving in the third iteration of the series.

Also confirmed is that the MotorStorm crew will be found at the next Gamescon so expect a flood of news from this events to. You can see the break down of what was confirmed in the live chat after the jump."

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SeanRL3011d ago

Sounds great, my only problem with the motorstorm games is that they never seemed chaotic enough. You either got ahead of or behind the competition and then it was just smooth sailing. I wanna barrel through a tight canyon with all kinds of vehicles crashing together and flying through the air, like in the trailers. High hopes for this game.

I like to drive the bikes and atv's, what do you prefer?

alphakennybody3011d ago

ATV's are pain to ride especially on flat tight corners. rally cars and big rigs are what I like to drive the most

SeanRL3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Cool, ya I like the bikes slightly more. I like swerving between big rigs and pissing them off when they can't catch me.

Edit: @badz149, I want it to be like this:

colonel1793011d ago

I've never been a fan of the big rigs, I am not very good at controlling them. I like to ride bikes and boogies.

badz1493011d ago

the AI in MSPR are straight out brutal in level 7 and 8!

PhoenixDevil3011d ago

I love the game but man did i get frustrated during the later races the AI would just pummel me

my favorite one was during a race where i was a mud plugger had a big rig pushing me was just managing to keep it going straight wen a the AI in front blew up as it landed the big rig smacked me into it destroying me

on topic Apocalypse is looking awesome n cnt wait to get it

jack_burt0n3011d ago

its plenty hectic enough for me, only downside the series has is the BRUTAL learning curve and wonky game progression but it sounds like they are fixing that sounds sweet.

Christopher3011d ago

Only thing I hated with Motorstorm, and don't know if it holds true in the sequels, but is that you had to complete races with specific cars to advance. Some vehicles were just a pain in the butt to drive and could take forever to get the hang of on a specific track.

jacobdevos3011d ago

how far into motorstorm (original / PR) did you get?

I see 3 agrees but i have a feeling you guys might not have played the game through

to this day i haven't beat either MS game, they have a slow start but they are ridiculously technical in the later races. The game is.. simply put.. the most chaotic racer i have ever played at this point.

Of course another great arcade racer being wipeout HD.. but motorstorm is definitely not the experience you described if you play it to the end.

PhoenixDevil3011d ago

loved the game n worked hard to get all 96 gold. I dnt think they have slow starts its just a learning curve in how to handle the cars n the tracks

The later races are harder but just require to learn the track, on a rank 8 race i had my time improved 30 seconds by playing it so much n i was still coming 2nd/3rd until you can learn just wen to make a move n take the race

Is wipeout HD rly any gd ? i got playstation plus but duno if its worth the download

dead_eye3011d ago

Me and a friend took turns to beat the first motorstorm. Still ain't completed the second one.
Can't wait for this one.

jacobdevos3011d ago

bro if you haven't played wipeout HD you are about to get your brain scrambled.

That game is -amazing-. the expansion pack is a must though.. it has some game modes i can't believe i lived without

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fortehhordes3011d ago

What a butchering of the chat, excluded so much =/ For those interested, the vehicle details:

Superbike - Super agile bike which is great on the tarmac but struggles off road

Chopper - Low riding bike which has bags of power but it the most difficult bike to handle.

Hot Hatch - A first for the series, a Front Wheel Drive (FWD) vehicle that is super nimble, but it low riding height makes it trikcy to drive off-road

Supercar - Fast & Grippy, but you need to keep this car on the tarmac when ever possible.

Muscle Car - Probably our most technical (and fun) vehicle to drive, you need to be really gentle on the throttle to avoid the rear end spinning out.

Also they are adding perks:

Boost Perks that affect power, duration and cooling

Handling Perks which affect top speed, acceleration, grip and steering

Combat Perks which will affect durability and rams

ChronoJoe3011d ago

Idk why you got disagrees, what is there to disagree about. oO

Poseidon3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

the motorstorm series are the most underrated racers on gods green earth. click agree if you agree, and dissagree if you dissagree.

joypads3011d ago

ofcourse we agree,MStorm is very unique AAA racer & if it was a microsoft exclusive it would be hailed by ALL as the greatest off-road racer ever made.

mrcash3011d ago

what does MS have to do with anything? A great game has to be able to stand on its own no matter who publishes it, or develops it...

DigitalRaptor3010d ago

Sadly there are some very ignorant people out there. Not to mention that what he said is true. 360 is what's popular. If MotorStorm was on the 360 it would be popular, as 360 is more popular and it would get more advertising and exposure. The PS3 is surprisingly underexposed among the general public and even a lot of gamers.

Ravage273011d ago

VERY underrated franchise :/

Tikicobra3011d ago

Most of that was confirmed a while ago.

Honest_gamer3011d ago

The 1st motorstorm was the hardest game I have ever played I couldn’t even get past the 4th event I just turned it of after a few hundred tries and gave it to my dad he also had trouble doing all the events but he finished it jammy guy ¬.¬

uplank3011d ago

Try demon souls..... :-)

Honest_gamer3011d ago

i will get that sometime when i get back to collee in september and start getting paid!

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