Someone's massive games collection

This guy has loooots of games. Apparently they're all PC games too.

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Poseidon3010d ago

i know whose house im robbin

SantistaUSA3010d ago

I'll be the driver! :D hehehehe

Anyways, that's pretty sweet! :-)

FOXDIE3009d ago

lots of love right there!

DA_SHREDDER3010d ago

Wow, ive never seen so much shovelware in one place at one time in my life.

Mmmkay3010d ago

never been to the store, eh..?

Vip3r3010d ago

+bubbles for that mmmkay. :D

mikepmcc3009d ago

I'm glad someone else saw this, it's mostly stuff you pick up for $5 at Staples or something. Not impressive at all.

Geralt3010d ago

The best thing about this = completely backwards compatible!

Have to say, I'm kinda jealous.

I_find_it_funny3010d ago

Yea right I got a few games I can't run for s**t on my Windows 7.

hassi943009d ago

Well then you don't know much about PCs and how to fiddle around with settings. I haven't found a single game (even those over 10 years old) I can't get to work with Windows 7 after some messing around.

Mmmkay3010d ago

yeah.. all you need is a dos computer , a win 95 computer
another one running 2000/xp/vista
and another one with win7

none of my games work anymore.
consoles ftw.

The Great Melon3010d ago

Just have a boot screen with all your favorite OSes. Not that hard to play old stuff on the PC.

8thnightvolley3010d ago

omg how do u get tha tmuch... no way i want to be this guy.. man .. have a bright future ahead of me...lool

Dnied3010d ago

I wonder how much store credit he'd get if he traded it all in at gamestop xD

TheBand1t3010d ago

None, since I don't think Gamestop accepts PC games for tradein.

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The story is too old to be commented.