GamerNode: DeathSpank Review

"Hey, 'ave you got the orphans?" "Why, yes, they're right here in this bag." "Well, did you poke holes in it?" "The orphans or the bag?" "Either is fine."

Hothead Games and Ron Gilbert (the wit behind Monkey Island) take irreverence and humor in gaming to their adventure-game boundaries in DeathSpank, blending the ideas and writing of The Secret of Monkey Island, the topical knowledge of a modern gamer, and the birds-eye hack-and-slash adventuring begun in games like Diablo II and Fallout. Want a hero who draws his epic strength from his even more epic purple thong? Got it. How 'bout a widely branching looting system supported by scads of side quests with objectives like "Collect the Demon Poop"? Got that too. It's a great-looking, great-feeling, and hilarious misadventure, and certainly worth the $15 it will run you on Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network.

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